23 March 2010

KingCast quick note on Bill Christy, professional interloper.

This foul-mouthed troll ("nigger," "motherfucker," etc.) came into the Franconia Collective 2+ years ago under the guise of being a former JAG Attorney who would help out in any way he could. As noted herein, he said he had spoken with other LE about the Franconia situation and that he "would have shot Bruce McKay as well."

He has since done a 180 degree turn, while trying to blame me for misleading him about the facts of the situation, as if he had not reviewed the facts from anyone else before writing as he did. The whole time this creep was infiltrating and fishing for whatever he could get out of me or the Franconia Collective to share it with his buddies like Quiet Man, another fanatical tool who has been following my every move now for about five (5) years, under various assumed names. That's what you get in America when you expose government malfeasance.

The guy (who denies being an Internet stalker) is now is boasting of some complaints that have allegedly been issued against me as a credentialed member of the press. Who he knows or how he would have knowledge of this is a rather curious question, Willis: I telephoned NENPA yesterday, no word of any complaints, let's see what comes up. That tool would be better off taking a look into the press CORI violations over at the Boston Herald that I'm exposing, and getting promises on video from the Governor about.

Anyway, come to find out this blow hard won't substantiate or provide:
a) his real name
b) any proof that he was a JAG Attorney.

Quick, I know to get the real answers we can call 1.800.DOUCHBAG!


Christopher King said...

I can tell the guy's a real schmuck too because he likes to even rip on my motorcycle, the superb Kawasaki 650R.

"Rice burner," blah blah blah.....

Hell I didn't say a damn word about the simple fact that Harley Davidson doesn't even make a sport-touring bike that can be safely ridden on a track, not to mention the company's abysmal repair history.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Harley's are okay, but there's not one being made today that you can ride like this.

And Buell is out of business, sadly.