30 March 2010

Hey KingCast, I understand you're also a certified meteorologist, wow, that's awesome dude, bro.... tell us how you do it!

Well, actually I'm not a certified meteorologist, but some things are so obvious you don't need formal credentials, ahem. For example: It is raining. It has been raining. And it is going to continue to rain for the next several hours. At the conclusion of said rain, the 650R, the Canon S5 IS and I will appear at one of two scheduled hearings, either the Jason Vassell case of blatant prosecutorial racism by DA Elizabeth Scheibel, or the hegemonic police oppression run amok at the Franconia/SB154 Bruce McKay Highway hearing.

The 650R certainly is quick, but not quick enough to repeal the laws of physics to get to attend both on the same day, LOL.

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