25 March 2010

KingCast gets an answer to the simple CORI/Herald question.

UPDATE: I have an answer. It's the Department of Central Investigation under Commissioner James Bender. For more on the background between Patrick Appointee Harold Clarke and James Bender read this post. Said Ms. McCoomb in today's return phone call to me: "It is an intensive investigation."

Good. Let's see what turns up and what heads roll.
Here's your back story, with video.

PS: I told her on the phone he's the guy I LEAST want to see heading this. It needs to be an entirely independent investigation. I understand that Clarke promised just such a thing. The plot thickens, get your popcorn ready. Wait until the shit hits the fan, it's all coming down soon.


Sharon said...

Mr King, I absolutely love your blog, and would like to say THANK YOU SIR for your educated and enlightening perspective. So many people follow the mainstream media in drones, your blog has a refreshing truth to it!

Christopher King said...

Thanks Sharon!

A post for you :)

Christopher King said...

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