23 March 2010

KingCast detects elements of rape in Bruce McKay's arrest of Sarah.

Watch this YouTube video from a KingCast affiliate. Remember, Liko Kenney said that McKay stuck his testicles in his face at an arrest that was likely Unconstitutional? Remember Ms. B said McKay stuck a "penis-shaped knife" near her privates without just cause? Read the White Mountains linky below.

Dig the part at 1:30-2:30
, with this guy looking for all the World like a pervert, then again the effected heavy breathing at 7:00, long after the take down. And the arrest and take down were Constitutionally flawed at worst, questionable at best: Read the Motion to Suppress.

Only Bruce McKay winds up on situations like this, he even sent a young innocent girl - a complete bystander -- to the hospital after he discharged OC Spray in a closed building. Yes he did. He was on a rampage against Ryan Hartford.... over a case that was DISMISSED, never even made it to trial because when Mr. Hartford asked for the Discovery, Bruce McKay had "misplaced it." Kinda like the missing Troy Watts Ethics Complaint that took the town a YEAR to find for me.

Whatever, it all fits together now.

Name a roadway after this guy? Franconia wisely said "No Thanks."

From Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains:
p. 203
Sherman also writes "...one cannot deny that he has had his share of success. King was responsible for uploading the Sarah E. arrest video onto YouTube and he also released many of the Liko-Kenney--McKay case documents on his Web site. He has been spurned by many so-called legitimate reporters, but Chris King has been a tenacious advocate for the Kenney family and a major thorn in the side of New Hampshire law enforcement."


Anonymous said...

Trudeau Road, (Bethlehem/landfill) should be named after Bruce McKay, memorialize McKay and I think a Franconia Town Meeting warrant ought to go before the voters: Town Ordinance - all residents must grow medicinal marijuana in memory of Liko Kenney.

Christopher King said...

That's a Good One, considering that The House had to school Governor Lynch on that very issue earlier this month -- this guy is a complete tool, and he let Kelly Ayotte run amok and she financially damaged NH because of certain key legal decisions she made.

Look around for it, they keep things like this hidden but it happened.... I forgot the case name but it's huge.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

You idiots know the road is coming. stop running your mouths>Only make yourselves look foolish.

Christopher King said...


Wrong on both counts.

First, we're not idiots, but you sound like one and Second, if you're not worried about this blog or passage on the road you wouldn't even bother writing in.


-The KingCaster