23 March 2010

KingCast Concretely presents: Robert Taylor's Law, interloper Bill Christy and Joey times two.

Monkeyboy1955 is one of my subscribers from Gloucester, MA so he recognizes the beauty of Robert Taylor's Law (S 8013) to protect unsuspecting Massachusetts tenants from unscrupulous landlords renting un-inspected or unsafe premises. That's Robert Taylor's best friend Jim Dinsmore with me at a Senate Hearing on the measure that was put forth by Senator Bruce Tarr, a vigorous advocate for the common folk. Read the dang Gloucester Times editorials on the matter right here.
But there's also a chance that Taylor's legacy will extend far beyond the Gloucester area, his extended family and his circle of friends — if local and state lawmakers cooperate, and they should.

Proposed legislation is being pushed by the Lawrence-based law firm of Crnilovic & Phillips, who have also brought the first lawsuit on behalf of a tenant who said she was never notified that her apartment had not undergone proper safety inspections for several years.

But first noted by the paper on 1 Feb. 2008.
"The residents of the Lorraine were apparently never notified of their building's hazards. But they — and other residents of such buildings around the state — would have that right if this new proposal were to become law.

Now that would be a fitting legacy for Mr. Taylor."

Robert Taylor died in an illegal apartment with ingress and egress only through another floor, and that's a fact, Jack. Read more about it in this Gloucester Times story by Richard Gaines. The paper won an award for its coverage, huzzah!

Curiously, (but not surprisingly, because he's a tool who goes by a stage name only) the idiot interloper "Bill Christy" no longer supports this measure. He was in favor of the measure that I initiated, but now he calls me a nigger, a tar baby and a motherfucker. Really.
Read it right here.

What a schmuck this guy is, I can't believe it.

this song stands the test of time, most certainly. Johnette did her thing, and thanks to Monkeyboy for a great rendition thereof, hereto and wherefore.

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