24 March 2010

KingCast asks "Who is Bill Christy and why is he so racist against me over Michael Isreal's case and Manchester Police reporting?"

Boo yah!

The Franconia interloper and likely government plant "Bill Christy" (only a stage name, he told me "good luck finding me, it's only a stage name") He shows up and trash talks Michael Isreal and me only because he views us as niggers. He said so. The racist thing is, the SAME DAMN THING allegedly happened to him, and he goes on to say "I was forced out by a dirty cop and a dirty police department."

Here's the Finding of Fact and Law (I won over the objection and Appeal of my former boss, Ohio AG "Bloody Betty" Montgomery, another fascist AG) that Mr. Isreal was made a Victim of Violent Crime at the hands of the Police "buildup of fluid and inflammation in his neck" read it and weep Mr. Bill, you are indeed a hypocritical racist scumbag cracker, and you joined the Franconia Collective only to gather information for the government and your racist friends.



Christopher King said...

You see the idiocy I have to deal with as a Civil Rights activist?

This guy tracks my every move, he's like a diaper on an 8 month-old, always hanging off your ass and full of shit.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Kingcast wrote:
"He shows up and trash talks Michael Isreal and me only because he views us as niggers. He said so".
You are a racebaiter who distorts the truth and outright lies. I never once made any reference to Mr. Isreal as being a "nigger" or any other disparaging remark of such nature.

Kingcast wrote:
"The racist thing is, the SAME DAMN THING allegedly happened to him."

What exactly do you perceive to be racist with an incident involving an all white police department and a white man. More of your distortion of the truth and racebaiting on your part.

Kingcast wrote:
"Read it and weep Mr. Bill, you are indeed a hypocritical racist scumbag cracker, and you joined the Franconia Collective only to gather information for the government and your racist friends".

The only racist is you, a black man calling a white man a cracker and a racist is indeed racism. It is racebaiting at it's finest,and you have perfected that M.O. Don't assume to know why I joined the Franconia Collective and for the record you are completely wrong. How convienient you leave out the fact I had retained an attorney for you at my expense, early on in my involvement in the collective. I have no racist friends I despise racism irregardless of the color of the persons skin. It doesn't matter who is the racist, I despise you for that reason and others and I told you that before. You are a racebaiter who promotes hatred and violence with your inflammatory propaganda against others because of their color and religious beliefs. You are just like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, David Duke, Virgil Griffin and all the other racebaiters in this country.

Don't flatter yourself, I can't be bothered to "track your every move" when something is brought to my attention like all your disparaging remarks about me I respond, the easiest solution is for you to leave me alone and out of your blog but you can't control yourself to do so. You are oaranoid and obsessed with the fact I rejected you personally along with your delusional beliefs about the Franconia tragedy and the United States judicial system and our government.

Christopher King said...

Police abuse is police abuse, idiot.

You cry when something bad happens to you like allegedly being accused of DUI -- it doesn't matter what color the cops are you jackass -- the Court of Claims didn't base its decision on race, you dumb bunny jackass.


Go ahead. Call me a nigger again. Who is the last white person you called a nigger?

Is Ken Blackwell a nigger, yes or no?

You tell me, dude. You tell me.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Actually Bill,

Quiet Man was the funniest, trying to goad me into saying something inappropriate about Maria Proulx, and trying to get me to say I slept with Attorney Crnilovic, to which I told him nope, not her, but her compatriot cutie, the Muse.

I remember these things Bill, yooze guyz aren't as think as you slick.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

You know dude your childish insults are getting old. Your propaganda is getting old, like what you wrote about me "The racist thing is the same damn thing happened to him"
There was NOTHING racial about the my incident (which was told to you in confidence) confidence means absolutely nothing to you unless someone betrays yours.

Actually what is even funnier is you continually trying to goad me into calling you the "N" word again. When that doesn't work you outright LIE and write that I called Mr. Isreal a "N" which I never have.

You're so delusional you think I am so how in partnership with Quietman and Ditmar I'm not. I do have some allies who are in my corner, some you have met, and they are my allies because of your actions not because I asked them. You're so delusional and paranoid you think I know about all your sexcapades I don't and I could care less, real men don't brag about their conquests.

I don't need a lecture from you about racism son. I was dealing with racism long before you parents even thought about having you, and well before you were even out of diapers, when I was in Vietnam.

I have repeatedly told you that you are your own worst enemy, and I have no intention of playing your racebaiting game any longer.

Christopher King said...

Bill YOU and Quiet Man and Snowy are delusional, what bragging about sex-capades are you talking about, jackass?

This blog contains about 80% news, 19% entertainment and 1% of my personal life. It's scum like you, Quiet Man and Snowy who endlessly talk of BBWs in North Country etc. etc. etc because you racist craker-heads can only resort to reducing an intelligent black man to sex in order to try to diminish the power of his content.

Intellectually honest people know better, because People who think... prefer KingCast.

"Mr. King, I am not aware if you accept friend requests from strangers, but I have been a fan of your blog spot 1st Amendment page since January and wanted to request you as a FB friend. I find your informational news refreshing from the main stream skewed media. I will not be offended if you do not accept, I just wanted to let you know I am a fan, and your work is appreciated."
Thank you,


Bill you didn't write that Isreal was a nigger but you slammed his case and you know you did. I'm not going to bother going through your comments to find it, but you did and you had absolutely no reason to do so other than your continued hatred and contempt for all things KingCast.

You're a douchebag.

-The KingCaster.

PS: You haven't answered my questions yet:

1. Where is the proof you were a JAG attorney?

2. Is Ken Blackwell a nigger like you say Al Sharpton and I am as you neatly tried to tie me to Mr. Sharpton even though I have never once mentioned him as an ally or friend in any sense.

3. Have you called anybody white a nigger?

Christopher said...


And you're just some ordinary Joe Schmoe citizen without some deep interest in what I do, yet you allegedly know of some journalism complaints against me that haven't even been issued to NENPA or to me?


-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Of course if you had a "pretty good" lawyer like me you could have sued the town for Constitutional Deprivations and collected.

But you prolly represented yourself (ASSuming you are indeed an Attorney, we've seen zero proof of THAT) so therein lies the problem.

-The KingCaster.