03 March 2010

Franconia faces Russell Cumbee's Rte. 18 Bruce McKay warrant article, it must be defeated as not every fallen officer deserves a road named for them.

The Voting is 9 March 2010 as noted herein.

Russell Cumbee works in Law Enforcement and he is a total hypocrite, calling for the vigorous exercise of First Amendment principles when he sees fit, but meanwhile he finds me to be "that annoying blogger" just because he doesn't like what I have to say, or the fact that I ferret out his BS. What's the matter Russ, you wrote "Newsflash, Free Speech really does improve people's lives," don't you feel the quality of your life improving with each blog post I issue about you?

Franconia taxpayers must mobilize and rally against this albatross. Be it the the knife blade toward Ms. B's privates or the belt around the neck of a prisoner in transport by Joseph Gearty, some cops simply don't deserve to have a road named after them (Gearty doesn't), so I will forward this to the House so they know they don't have to vote yes just to kowtow to the hegemonic LE beat down.

Meanwhile I am preparing the KingCast First Amendment Essay Contest, there will at least be one prize of $250, let me see what else I can muster up. Entries due by 11 May and winner announced prior to end of the school year. Last year I gave to youth soccer but this year I want to work the minds.


Christopher King said...

sageadvice 06-07-2007, 4:12 PM Add to the Discussion

All 42 and John Poole,

I appreciate both of your posts. Very balanced. Thank you. I agree that we do not as the public have all of the information.


I answered you the best I knew how at the time. As All42 said, it is rather far-reaching for you to expect me to give you an exact head count. I can tell you that between 500-600 townspeople went to Liko Kenney's service and about a dozen of them went to Officer McKay's. The only thing you asked me was to prove how many of the townspeople felt as I do. I acknowledge that I have first hand information on the shootings that does make me have an opinion. The tapes being released and the statements given by witnesses should also be released so all the facts come out.

Of course Casey Sherman and I are the only people who brought out any real facts, even though we agree and disagree on many of them.

Read more about that and watch the video at his book launch.

-The KingCaster.

The Lifeguard said...

King, still keepin' up the good work. Still fightin' the good fight.

Shoot me an e-mail. I need your wisdom.

The Lifeguard

Christopher King said...


Will holler today!


Anonymous said...

Gearty does have a road named after him. I'll let you find it.

Christopher King said...

I found it.

I suppose you'll let me find the memo too, huh?


-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

You just gotta' love a Democracy.


09 March 2010
KingCast says Franconia did the Right Thing, exercised its Constitutional Freedoms to deny Russell Cumbee's Rte. 18 Bruce McKay Highway.

Sooooo..... the vote was in about 10:30 and it was about 90-70; on to the House next, and we know what it already said.

Here's your back story one and two, and that's all I need to say. Well not quite.... but I think Mr. Cumbee says it so much better than I every could because remember to him, I'm just "that annoying blogger....." He says:

"Newsflash, Free Speech really does improve people's lives."

So I'm like Paul McCartney, bro' listnin' to what the Man says..... the wonder of it all, baby... yeah yeah yeah... woo hoo....

Meanwhile enjoy this post about a questionable Judge in Boston.

posted by Christopher King at 8:08 PM