15 March 2010

Bill Christy finally admits that KingCast did NOT "trick" him into writing "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder."

Finally I got this tool to admit that he spoke with LE from several states as he said in this post "I would have shot Bruce McKay as well."

Therefore, when he (and he alone as he says) wrote "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder," he did it based on the learned opinions of his LE friends and not my undue influence, as he previously claimed. Now the idiot even claims that I never successfully defended Michael Isreal, and that the Ohio Court of Claims finding that cops made him a victim of violent crime never happened, and that there was no settlement on the Monell claims. Too bad I have a copy of the 15 July 1998 story "Hamilton settles police harassment lawsuit" by Michael D. Clark sitting on my desk, LOL Bill.

This guy is quite the piece of..... work.

Wait for him to call me a Motherfucker and Nigger again.

Checkmate you idiot, or as Bruce McKay would say... GOTCHA!


Christopher King said...

This is fantastic news, now we know for FACT that LE throughout these several states lent support to the notion that it was not unreasonable to shoot Bruce McKay after the OC Spray and Pursuit violations he committed against the People of NH in general, and against Liko Kenney in the specific.

And tomorrow (and the rest of the week) is going to be a great motorcycle day, so everything is just downright KingCastic!



Christopher King said...

On the Isreal case, of course those two jackasses were not subject to discipline. They get negative reinforcement for crackin' heads.

At least the all-white Jury liked us, and knew these cops were full of shit.

"Great job," said the foreman to me..... "You got more with honey than (Prosecutor) Sam Boorst did with his vinegar."

-The KingCaster.

PS: Somewhere that might be in video I need to find it.

Anonymous said...

I admitted to nothing of the sort Mr. King and once again you have proven yourself to be a pathological liar.
1. You have repeatedly claimed that you co-authored the document I wrote "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" yet here once again in your own words you admit I did write the document.

2. You misrepresented a number of facts about the Franconia Tragedy prior to my writing the above named document. When I discovered the real facts I changed my beliefs contained in the document I had written, and publicly stated so. I also withdrew my support for you and the Franconia Collective.

In regard to my statement that you quoted from Topix it was in reference to the LE that had advised me to seek criminal complaints against you for Internet stalking and harassment. I was also advised to seek a restraining order against you in Federal Court, here in Wilmington, Delaware. I chose not to because quite frankly all it would do is give you free publicity. My time is far to valuable to be wasting on a NOBODY like you.

You claim you got Michael Isreal the money he received yet you were in FACT suspended from the practice of law by the Ohio Supreme Court during the time frame of the lawsuit.

You still continue to misrepresent yourself as an Attorney stating in a you tube video: "I'm a blogger, I practice civil rights law, I used to be an assistant attorney general in Ohio and also was a reporter"

You are also presenting yourself as a legal expert on a Boston Internet radio station offering legal advice which is in direct violation of the Ohio Supreme Court ruling prohibiting you from practicing law in any form.

You aren't as slick and sharp as you think you are EX COUNSELOR !

Christopher King said...

Nah Billy Boy I got your number good. Casey Sherman and everybody in the Franconia Collective knows you're nothing but an interloper, but while you were watching me I was watching you.

I am fully authorized to comment on legal matters on a radio show you stupid jackass, I even wrote the Columbus Bar Association about it, I already showed you that back on 4 October 2008 you dumb bunny jackass.


I did not represent myself as an Attorney with Ms. Crnilovic, and all of your bullshit charges were dismissed or nol-prossed, never to be seen again, and you were flat out wrong about the Isreal settlement "I haven't seen a newspaper story, blah blah blah"

Well here it is, along with the Hamm case, they were a nice Caucasian couple I represented, helped them out at the Civil Rights Commission with found PROBABLE CAUSE.


Trash talk them now why don't you?

And I was under PROBATION during the Isreal case and duly licensed to practice law you stupid redneck.

But most importantly this is all about you, and you alone are the wisest man here because you consulted with LE from EVERYWHERE when you wrote that "I would have shot Bruce McKay as well."

And no way in hell do your words reference, nor were they in any way predicated on any complaint you allegedly had against me:


Had Kenney wanted to shoot officer McKay he had more than ample time to do it during the initial stop. There was no need for Cpl. McKay to "hit", "ram" or "push" Kenney's car he was backed in and stopped.

Why would an officer who knew that the suspect and he had "issues" before and who was being stopped for an alleged expired registration escalate the situation by ramming Kenney's car?

Then to just walk up and spray OC without saying a word further escalating he situation, makes no sense what so ever to anyone who is of reasonable and sound mind. Other law enforcement officers I know personally have stated the same thing, and not just ones from NH, but in MA, and DE, and several MPs as well.


You're a scum-bucket maggot Bill.

And you're not as slick as you think you are.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...


George (that's Lieutenant McNeil to you, son) knew I was suspended before I took the podium.

Ask him.

You've got a lot of asking to do, you've got George, Attorney Kevin Barron and Michael D. Clark.

Get busy, boy.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

And now you are citing to Attorney Crnilovic and claiming a violation but earlier you said you weren't following the BBO matter, in which someone committed an ETHICAL BREACH


You scum-sucking, lying interloper maggot.

You're not as slick as you think you are, Willie.


Christopher King said...

And I've got emails Billy Boy where you say you don't hate me, but yet I've got you saying

"I hate everything you stand for."

Truly a distinction without difference My Friend.

You're a tool, you were an interloper in the Franconia Collective, everybody now knows this, and you're a real jackass.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I really struck a nerve.
For someone who professes to be so intelligent you really are a MORON.
"I hate everything you stand for" does not mean I hate you personally.

A rational mature person would be capable of understanding and distinguishing the difference.

As far as George McNeil we were personal friends before you were even of legal drinking age, and I don't need to speak to him, we already spoke on numerous occasions after you started bad mouthing me to him.

I haven' been following anything in regard to the BBO and I told you I had received phone calls about you and the law firm you were working for, which you posted in your blog and in TOPIX. Attorney Crnilovic was present with you when you BOTH spoke to a Gloucester Times reporter. Neither you or she corrected the fact that you were not a licensed attorney, or disclosed that you were in fact suspended from practicing law. As far as you passing judgment on anyone making ethical breach’s...you have absolutely no room to comment, you have violated and committed more unethical breach’s of confidentiality then anyone I have ever known in my entire life. Your numerous violations of the judicial system is what caused your license to practice law to be suspended. According to the court records your probation was revoked during the Isreal trial, and the suspension was reinstated. I was in contact with Ohio after you threatened me the last time, you are not allowed to practice law in any way shape or form. I was told that the court ruling is specific and you are NOT allowed to practice law or anything in regard to law outside of the specific guidelines you were ordered to follow when you license to practice was suspended. I will be more than happy to refresh your memory and everyone else about what you can and can’t do in regard to this matter by posting the Ohio Supreme Court Order if you like in your blog and in TOPIX.

As far as "the Franconia Collective" I could care less about a group of middle aged malcontents who want transparency yet they themselves hide under a veil of secrecy not unlike the robes and hoods of the KKK.

I obviously struck a nerve with you, because you have reverted to you true ways of adolescent profane language and insults. You have also reverted to your disconnected random ranting trying enmesh everything into one to confuse the issues. Like I told you ….pretty good in the real world as we all know is BAD …….and according to Casey Sherman …….Urkel ……… you are only "pretty good", so flail away some more.

Anonymous said...

I've watched you "vintage" videos including the one where you are badgering the states witness and twisting what he states on the witness stand to suit your case. The witness himself stated on record "King that is NOT what I said I stated...." the court stenographer can be clearly seen typing the whole time.

You didn't show squat from the Columbus Bar Association other than an envelope. You refused to post the letter in Topix, in your blog or in an email to me privately. Once again I'm calling "bullshit".

Now feel free to continue on your rants of your grandiose delusion, be careful what you pull up for quotes lest I pull yours up for you to choke on. I know you really think I'm "an intelligent and beautiful man" since you wrote those words and no one is allowed to change their thinking.

I can feel your "love" and friendship with the descriptive terminology you have used recently.... I also know there is a very thin line between love and hate. You are the one who is consumed by hatred for me because I won't let you off the hook or condone your actions.

Christopher King said...


Look how much time and effort this blowhard spends in here when I strike a nerve.

He's purportedly the licensed attorney (though Bill Christy is a stage name and we really don't know who the hell this bastard really is) but I beat him like a rug 2/3 times on IP issues.

To him I say:

"Motherfucker" Video still up, you nigger.

I can call you that, right, 'cos like, you called me that, remember that you stupid nigger?

Try Gregory Floyd for Murder still up.

And you still haven't called anybody white a "nigger" so I made your nigger ass the first.


How you like me now, nigger?

You want to start throwing niggas out, well I got your nigga' nigga'.

But no sweat, bro..... It's a term of endearment from me to you, as in:

"Never Ignorant, Gets Goals Accomplished."

-The KingCaster.
HNIC (with our Highest Nature in Course.)

Christopher King said...


Bill for once you are correct.... the "hate you personally" part doesn't come from the part when you say you "Hate everything you stand for."

No, it comes from the fact that you have never once acknowledged that I am right about anything, the fact that you steadfastly refuse to say whether or not you support the Robert Taylor legislation, and the fact that you called me a nigger out of contempt "for everything I stand for."

Not to mention the fact that you continue to maintain I never told you I was a suspended attorney when you told me right after we met on the Internet that you watched my videos that have been up for 5 years now, openly discussing my suspension you dumb bunny jackass.

That's all tantamount to a personal and hateful attack dude.

Tantamount. Look it up.

It's just outside of the gap between "asshole" and "shithead" that defines your personage.

I'm All Set with you, dude.

You wannabe Interloper, while you waz watchin' us we waz watchin' you.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Your claim I never once acknowledged you were right about anything is another distortion of the truth. FACT is I offered to hire an Attorney for you over an issue early on in our friendship. If I didn't feel you were "right" I never woould have made the offer, I hade never even met you in person when I made that offer and still haven't.
Apparently to you, people who extend a helping hand all become these angry childish adjectives you like to use. There is a pattern of this behavior by you the minute anyone disagrees with you or refuses to acknowledge your grandiouse delusion of your importance in society. Parents have a term for children like you, you're a spoiled rotten brat.

You are your own worst enemy and to foolish to even realize it.

Christopher King said...


That's was all a ruse, dude and you are a complete liar, saying I didn't tell you about my suspension when I specifically directed you to my videos that have been up for 5 years now.

As to being my own worst enemy, I'm doing quite fine in ways that you will never know about until we go public.

Thanks for your concern, Mr. Interloper.

-The KingCaster.

PS: Have you made your Phone calls yet to verify everything you claim never happened?