13 March 2010

Attorney Kennedy gives KingCast everything requested in his RSA 91-A demand to Concord Police Department on cop-on-cop shooting.

You mouth-breathing jar heads can back up, sit down and hush yourselves when it comes to my efficacy, because I just received authoritaaaay to review everything I asked for in this request except item 3 which was:
"A copy of any and all Decisional laws, regulations or statutes that give NH LE the right to conduct any training exercises on private property without consent of the owner of said property."

Items 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 (police drawings of the scene and pictures, new training procedures and communications between the Concord Credit Union and LE) were all granted by my former adversary in KingCast v. Ayotte et. al. The City had previously told David Gray (not this David Gray but another bloke) that he could not have those items, so it's always good to set the record straight as a zealous member of the Fourth Estate.

Item #4 was a given, however because I already had a copy. It's the Peter Heed Deadly Force Protocol that he authored before he was run out of office on a sex scandal. It's the one that clearly states at IV B(f):
“Ensure that guns are not opened, loaded, unloaded, shell casings removed, or in any other way tampered with….”

Which we all know did not happen because the spent casing was picked up and spirited away from the crime accident scene in blatant violation of said policy, just as the spent casing precipitously-poised in the crevice of a Gatorade bottle was likely moved there by Revere Cop Billy Soto in the Revere Dan Talbot murder trial, look at the pictures and watch the KingCast video right here in the same post where I adamantly deny that I am "a duplicitous cunt."

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