07 March 2010

As Franconia residents head toward Russell Cumbee's Warrant ballot vote on Bruce McKay road naming, they will consider this....

Crucial Update:

The flier at the top of the page was distributed this morning throughout Franconia by folks desparate to get the Vote tomorrow. Obviously if Bruce McKay was an honorable LE we wouldn't be witnessing this sort of shenanigans, the Town and State, by and through the House of Representatives, would have already honored him.

"It's not a popularity contest," reads the flier.

Correct, no it is not. It's called a Democracy.

But another issue is this: Why is this material -- paid for through private donations -- inexorably linked to the Town? Look at the return address. Privately-funded initiatives should steer clear of using the name and return information of the State to curry favor through State imprimatur.

Remember, I told Senator Letourneau in no uncertain terms exactly why many people in the area -- not to mention the Entire NH House of Representatives -- said no. Listen up.
Sooooo.... Here's the back story on Franconia newcomer (what, 5-6 years he's lived there) Russell Cumbee and his Warrant.

To get the "mentality" of most Bruce McKay supporters, you really need to read the comments to this post about McKay and Joseph Gearty, another fallen cop who apparently never got a road named after him. McKay and Gearty liked to abuse prisoners in any way they could get away with, McKay with a "penis shaped knife" and Gearty with a belt to the neck.

Steve -- an observer and physician with a moderate political background -- wrote a very eloquent piece that I have included as a comment to this post.
And let's not forget Officer Pepper's antics over at Profile when he put that girl in the hospital while he was busy hating on Ryan Hartford -- only to have the "case" against Mr. Hartford DISMISSED after allegedly losing the discovery. Yah, shoor. Read my interview with Mr. Hartford here.

Meanwhile, this is what I wrote back to the tool who hates on former Franconia and Sugar Hill LE Brad Whipple:


Well-put. It is going to be my new post for Monday, 8 March 2010.


The Parallel would be if Steve raped a patient who was put under (then you could understand being shot).

Bruce McKay was a jackass cop, but to you he's a hero and you get off on hating Brad Whipple but as I told you, Brad Whipple doesn't care about you.

Nor do I.

Send the friggin' (Hells Angels) memo already, so I can show the World (again) what an idiot Bruce McKay was. (This relates to the Hillwinds meltdown, read about that and other Bruce McKay misdeeds against the public right here -- sorry Imageshack has deleted all of my government docs but you can see me discuss the Hillwinds meltdown in the top video and if you pause the play at :25-35 seconds you can read most of it in the second video).

Also, Montminy told the mother of an affected child that McKay received some type of reprimand about this situation, so either Montminy is a liar or you are wrong, either way Franconia PD sucks.


PS: What, you're gonna tell me next that Lisbon PD sucks too because they banned McKay from trolling on their frequencies?

GOTCHA again, fool. (GOTCHA! was Bruce McKay's vanity plate. Mine was "CIVL RTS" and I'm going to order it again for the current Bimmer. It's got a nice ring to it.

-The KingCaster


Christopher King said...

Whether McKay is guilty or not is one specific matter to which I do not wish to address. Don't care to get in that hunt. I think anyone, and by that I mean anyone with a semblance of common sense, could recognize that both parties played some part in the ongoing feud between Kenney and McKay.

What I do wish to address...guilt vs responsibility. Whether McKay bears any degree of guilt in the final, life-ending incident is, again, not the point here. But there is no doubt, whether guilty or not, he was in large part responsible. Simple, old-school analogy...not meaning to compare Kenney to Charles Manson, by any stretch, but just for the purpose of illustration...if I know that Charles Manson does not like me at all, feels I have wronged him in the past, and I proceed to prod him with a stick, am I going to be surprised when a band of teenage girls show up at my doorstep carrying butcher knives?

A 40-something year old public servant and professional absolutely, positively must know how to handle troubled individuals and tense situations with tact, savvy, and professionalism. If not, then they are poorly equipped to do their job and by placing themselves in a position of danger despite that poor judgment and ability they are, in effect, largely responsible for their own fate.

And, no, I am not a liberal hippie, not that there is anything wrong with that. I am a 40-something year old physician, a specialist. I am mostly conservative. I have a family, own a home, live in the heart of the conservative midwest. But anyone that denies some degree of responsibility on the part of McKay and gives the blanket "he'll always be one of us" without recognizing his culpability in the ongoing feud and in the final encounter is, well, either relying solely on an emotional bond or they are incapable (or unwilling) of understanding the dynamic of the situation.

No, it doesn't take specifics to analyze the situation in terms of responsibility. Perhaps in terms of guilt, but there is little room for doubt that McKay bears a portion of the responsibility. When I see that responsibility dismissed by others and blind loyalties extended, I understand from an emotional point of view, but I also recognize that opinion as wholly biased and worthy of dismissal itself.

Public servant, professional. Been there, done that. You had better be equipped, capable, and WILLING to act with tact, savvy, reason, judgment, and common sense in dealing with all manner of individuals and tense situations. If not, you are not a capable professional and have no business in that particular role. An expired registration? Come on now, people. Think before posting, it will serve you well in avoiding embarrassment.


Anonymous said...

I didn't even open it. I was so disgusted I simply crossed out "Yes" and wrote "No", then crossed our "Your Local" and wrote "Good". Then tacked it on the Post Office cork board.

Anonymous said...

just an FYI, the fax number of whoever sent this to you appears in the linked scans/images, you may want to possibly consider hiding or removing it?

Christopher King said...


Word to both.