31 March 2010

"So KingCast, you claim to have been a journalist at the Indianapolis Star prior to law school, and you say you've known about the wireless industry too... got any proof?"

Well in a word, yah.

KingCast reminder, Gregory P. Floyd Criminal Trespass trial, Littleton District Court, 22 June, 1P.

Some hater wrote in to this post, flapping jowls about how honorable the Floyds are. The only "honorable" thing about Gregory P. Floyd is that he truthfully said (scroll down to read p.745) his multiple-felon daddy -- who killed 43 people that Kelly Ayotte never investigated and I know 'cos, like, I asked her for documentation and she had none -- shot out Liko Kenney's windshield BEFORE Liko's car ever struck McKay. Read it here. What a fun run-on sentence THAT was, LOL.

This case is all about the windshield bullet.

could those 43 non-investigated kills be some of the missing women in North Country? Inquiring minds want to know.

"Hey KingCast, you got any proof you know how to successfully prosecute cases before Civil Rights Commissions?"

Well, in a word, yes. This may come as a shock so scum-sucking rat pig liar Citibank's lawyer Sam Shaulson, but he's going to find out where he made his mistake on the 26th of April, as noted in yesterday's checkmate post.

But I'm sure Sam Shaulson thinks he's correct though, so he won't object to having the KingCast cameras document each and every word of it, just as we did back in the 90's with my successful opening argument in State v. Doyle, infra. Video is the best way to make sure the American Public gets to learn the specifics of cases and how the legal system works. Sometimes it takes 3-4 years to win an Administrative hearing, just ask Michael Isreal, V96-61481. But that's okay because Shaulson can soak his client for all the billables he can, and as a partner that's important so that Morgan Lewis can afford to hire Law School students instead of them calling Morgan Lewis a "No Hire Factory." To understand more about that, and to see why the NAACP gave Citibank poor and failing grades on race relations, click here.

KingCast sees Brookline Cops accused of a serious Sunday-morning beat-down involving stripper and bodygaurd.

Sounds like these four cops took a crash course in Police brutality from Manchester, NH cops, busy crackin' heads and settling Monell claims. Unbelievable, isn't it? What you have to do, is sue these bad apples and get them found to be perpetrators of violent crime, as I did, V96-61481.

Law Enforcement and FD already have the most taxing, dynamic jobs in the World. They don't need to have the situation made any worse by a handful of jackasses. Similarly, the straight cops must not tolerate these jackasses, and that is where the Thin Blue Line problem rears its ugly head. Folks lose careers over being honest, it sucks. What also sucks is the 'tude given by some folks, check out the comment from this unenlightened soul in this post, wishing that the Manchester LE in the picture there would do a number on my head. For the record, it's not bald, it's close cut, and whether you find it ugly or not well, that's up to the eye of the beholder ;)

one of those cops should have met you ouitside and ripped your bald ugly head off..

By Anonymous, at 8:51 PM


Well, they're too busy administering beat downs to everybody else, and settling the lawsuits and such.

-The KingCaster.

By Blogger Christopher King, at 3:15 AM

30 March 2010

KingCast tells scum-sucking rat pig Citbank's lawyer Sam Saulson: Checkmate.

Checkmate, Sam.

Your own words have put you in a serious bind, and the funny thing is, you probably don’t even know why. I’ll be more than happy to show you at the Appeals Hearing scheduled for the 26th, and I’ll do it on KingCast video to boot.

I won’t tell you whether it’s something you wrote earlier or more recently, I’ll leave that for you to figure out, since you know so much about the Law and I’m just a suspended attorney “abusing the legal system” I believe you wrote…… Anyway, that’s all you need to know for now. See you soon.

-The KingCaster.

Hey KingCast, I understand you're also a certified meteorologist, wow, that's awesome dude, bro.... tell us how you do it!

Well, actually I'm not a certified meteorologist, but some things are so obvious you don't need formal credentials, ahem. For example: It is raining. It has been raining. And it is going to continue to rain for the next several hours. At the conclusion of said rain, the 650R, the Canon S5 IS and I will appear at one of two scheduled hearings, either the Jason Vassell case of blatant prosecutorial racism by DA Elizabeth Scheibel, or the hegemonic police oppression run amok at the Franconia/SB154 Bruce McKay Highway hearing.

The 650R certainly is quick, but not quick enough to repeal the laws of physics to get to attend both on the same day, LOL.

KingCast says the ugly fallout from the Dan Talbot murder trial continues unabated, with Jason Watson getting negative reinforcement for his actions.

Update found about more corruption and theft by Michael Ferragamo, read the comments for the conclusion of this story.

Prosecutorial discretion is the buzz word of the day, watch the video. But the mother of Jason Watson's child (unlike Jason, she is a productive member of society who carries a 4.0 in the Sciences, Biology IIRC) is lamenting all of that at the Stateside and Federal levels (Unlawful transport of Firearms 5 May 2:15 @Judge Tauro) because she has a Restraining Order against Watson for some really nasty activity he engaged in. I'm not going to repeat it here but it's foul.

What a cruel irony given the comments issued in support of Defendant Iacoviello as to how he took responsibility for his daughter even after the mother and he broke up. Anyway, she writes:
God help me, it was Jason Watson....PRAY that Jay gets 15 to life on MAY 5th 2010..... I am re-instating my R.O. after his sentencing on May 5th. I can't imagine any judge in the world would give him visitation to a 3yr old......God help the city of Revere and EB if/when he is released......

Dear. Mr. King: It was the full (and at times, highly amusing) coverage of the Talbot murder trial that introduced me to your blog ;).

I actually felt a vested interest - I am a single mother, and I was anticipating hearing/reading the testimony my son's father gave @ the trial - I admit I have animosity towards the man, he is evil, but no one gave much lip service to his admissions in court (my mistake for association with this "man").

I felt as if this information could be conveyed to the judge sentencing him in May, then it would help keep a violent, murderous deviant behind bars...But instead, his help with the Talbot trial will almost certainly get him released....What a shame our "justice" system does not reform criminals, but perpetuates the negativity through the non-reforming prison system......

She is speaking about Jason Watson, the man who testified that he sold the gun to Robert Iacoviello that he was convicted of using to kill Officer Daniel Talbot. Of course the other tragedy is that that Michael Picardi, the career criminal-in-the-making -- who admittedly was the mastermind in disassembling the gun -- and Johnny Heang, both got off with Scot-Free even though Heang was at the crime scene. Nope, it was Heang's brother James who caught the case for helping Picardi. See more about this in para. 1 of this post, and the entirety of the Closing Arguments/Wait of the World post.

It was an ugly case, replete with unbelievable facts, including the miracle bullet casing that purportedly hopped up and landed right in the crevice of a Gatorade bottle without even scoring it. Watch the video.

Note to self: Call Court of Appeals for filing schedule.
Answer: Record still not assembled yet for transfer.

29 March 2010

KingCast raises an eyebrow and asks, "Who is the shawled woman in the Topix SB154/Russ Cumbee Franconia Warrant Vote Denial thread?"

Sooo.... is this Sharon Davis McKay in both pictures? If not, who put the shawled woman in a recent Topix thread? The two women don't really look too much alike in these photos. Look at the shawled woman's raised eyebrows..... Ms. Davis-McKay also appears with Failed-Warrant Russell and various Manchester LE in this KingCast post from last year (photos courtesy M deRham), and here is the Topix thread.

28 March 2010

Scenes from North Country as Governor Lynch blames former AG for budget crisis & $140M deficit, or Kelly Ayotte says “Let them eat brioche!”

"........I have had it with Kelly Ayotte and her ineffectual actions as NH Attorney General,”
belted embattled Governor and multimillionaire John Lynch, regarding his erstwhile corporate cohort and big business dupe Kelly Ayotte.

Well, okay he didn’t say that but one could certainly see why he could and should say that. Look at Kelly Ayotte’s checkered past as an AAG: DNA reporting violations, a Big Loss and Attorney Fees in the Planned Parenthood case, a complete coverup on the Franconia Shooting tragedy that left crime writer Casey Sherman, retired LE Brad Whipple and KingCast all calling for a real investigation. Watch all the videos here.

Little did you know that the New Hampshire Union Leader cannot let their “Person of the Year,” a/k/a AG Doofus extraordinaire Kelly Ayotte do anything wrong, so even in today’s cover story on gambling and the budget crisis, there’s no real mention of the FACT that Kelly Ayotte was dead wrong on $110M worth of money that was erroneously earmarked as I noted in the last post.

By the way, that last post noted Bruce McKay’s curiously blatant violations of town Police SOPs during the last moments of his life.

Here’s a good, solid documented history of her error-filled reign as AG, note to self: Don’t let me forget the ethics violations on Open Records Law if that’s not in there.
Meanwhile, hopefully Troop F can chase down these traffic offenders rolling down the highway off the back of a tailgate at 65mph. Or perhaps they will leave that to Darwin.

26 March 2010

KingCast says people who think.... prefer KingCast.... Ignorant fools show up and provide more information for Transportation Committee on SB154.

Update: Read the comments where I just slammed a tool who wrote in to say "there's no evidence McKay violated policies and you're the only person who says so....."

Wrong Answer, thanks for coming out, the door prizes are on the left: The Littleton Courier totally agreed with me "McKay clearly violated......" Well of course morally and intellectually corrupt Kelly Ayotte and the Town of Franconia failed to conduct any analysis into the propriety of the stops because it would have shown procedural and substantive Due Process violations, and that would make Liko Kenney fearful of his safety and you can't have that when you are trying to lionize multiple felon (proved) and murderer (IMO) scum like Gregory Floyd and make Liko Kenney into a "cold blooded killer."

As a former AAG,
I know all the tricks, and that my friends was true when I practiced, it is true today and it will be true when I am reinstated to practice.

Also I know policy and influence is All About Money. D'Allesandro has always had a sack of money, listen to this NPR Story. A bunch of that money comes in from Out-of-State contributions, which is funny because D'Allesandro is an out-of-area politician setting his hegemonic hand on the North Country. And with his gambling support there will be a bunch more cops on the road, but no money to support them in Court, in part thanks to Kelly Ayotte's fiscal miscalculations with the JUA Malpractice Fund, some call it malpractice, whatever. Negrodamus say: Watch for Speedy Trial Motions to go through the roof.

Anyway, from a new FB friend:
"Mr. King, I am not aware if you accept friend requests from strangers, but I have been a fan of your blog spot 1st Amendment page since January and wanted to request you as a FB friend. I find your informational news refreshing from the main stream skewed media. I will not be offended if you do not accept, I just wanted to let you know I am a fan, and your work is appreciated."
Thank you,

[Nunya' bitness]

But of course Casey Sherman gave us a glimpse of that months ago, most recently noted in yet another Bruce McKay OC Spray dousing.

So funny, there is a hater who is a ski instructor at Cannon (who refuses to go on runs with me to discuss this face to face) who says "McKay was unorthodox." Well, yah, I would say having a knee-jerk reaction to OC Spray everyone and everything in sight is indeed unorthodox, and doing it in complete and utter violation of the 7 stated policies designed to de-escalate situations spawned from minor traffic infractions is a huge reason that he and Liko Kenney are no longer with us. The facts are the facts. Read more here in the Casey Sherman book launch post.

25 March 2010

KingCast gets an answer to the simple CORI/Herald question.

UPDATE: I have an answer. It's the Department of Central Investigation under Commissioner James Bender. For more on the background between Patrick Appointee Harold Clarke and James Bender read this post. Said Ms. McCoomb in today's return phone call to me: "It is an intensive investigation."

Good. Let's see what turns up and what heads roll.
Here's your back story, with video.

PS: I told her on the phone he's the guy I LEAST want to see heading this. It needs to be an entirely independent investigation. I understand that Clarke promised just such a thing. The plot thickens, get your popcorn ready. Wait until the shit hits the fan, it's all coming down soon.

24 March 2010

KingCast, the RD350B, the 650R and David Bowie present the Jam of the Week: "Young Americans" on Dick Cavett show, circa 1974.

Okay. 2:30 - "Do you remember.... your President Nixon.." I do. Anyway, watch the backup singers and the band, awesome, just piped it through the old Yamaha speakers for full effect. Speaking of Yamaha, I had a 1975 RD350B. Those who know, know that bike was no joke. A superb handler and quite peppy. In fact, ham-fisted theatrics left many a bloke sprawled arse-out on the motorway, wearing it for a hat. Car & Driver I believe equated it to a Porsche 911 in character, or the Ferrari 246 one of the two. Anyway the 650R is much more benign but stronger and faster, but also a superb handler and thematically similar. Twins rule, and Parallel Twins rule the street. The Time it is for a bike ride :)

KingCast, North Country residents prepare for SB154 Bruce McKay Highway House Hearing on 1 April, 2010. No fooling.

Dear Committee members and Chair Bouchard:

Please listen to the video, and remember that this is really all we need to know, considering that the House was so prescient in its Decision to table virtually identical legislation two years ago as noted herein.
The committee unanimously supports that when the local communities feel that the time is right, an appropriate section of state highway should be dedicated to the fallen police officer, Corporal Bruce McKay. Vote 15-0.

The Community has spoken on Russell Cumbee's identical failed Warrant initiative so that really ends your inquiry into this matter, this State-sponsored hegemony must cease, immediately. My letter is attached hereto as in the comments section.

PS: Contrary to Manchester (not from the community, hello) Senator D'Allessandro's implication, not every fallen LE gets a road named after them pursuant to RSA 4:43. If so, please show me where such an honor was bestowed upon Joe Gearty... perhaps it is on an outer beltway, ahem.

Respectfully submitted,
Christopher King, J.D.

PS: This hearing is serious, no joke. And after all, it was no foolin' on 1 April 1996 when my client Michael Isreal got jacked up by the police, either. I thoroughly vindicated his position, as noted by the Ohio Court of Claims (Cops made him a victim of violent crime, V96-61481) and the Federal litigation, watch the videos.


KingCast keeps asking the same simple question: Who is leading the Herald/CORI leak investigation?

UPDATE: I have an answer. It's the Department of Central Investigation under Commissioner James Bender. For more on the background between Patrick Appointee Harold Clarke and James Bender read this post. Said Ms. McCoomb: "It is an intensive investigation."

Good. Let's see what turns up and what heads roll.
This is so simple. Why do I have to go down to the Office of Public Safety to get my answers? (video uploading). I volunteered for the Governor but don't expect any special privileges, only that he and his staff explain who is leading the investigation. He said there was going to be such an investigation "we're going to get to the bottom of this" nearly four (4) weeks ago, yet despite my repeated phone calls as a former AAG, current Mass citizen and card-carrying member of the press no one can or will tell me who is leading the investigation. Ultimately it must be Marybeth Heffernan and the Governor, but it would be nice to have someone say so.

J-Man, here's your bike audio from the ride home. It was very blustery, unfortunately.

KingCast asks "Who is Bill Christy and why is he so racist against me over Michael Isreal's case and Manchester Police reporting?"

Boo yah!

The Franconia interloper and likely government plant "Bill Christy" (only a stage name, he told me "good luck finding me, it's only a stage name") He shows up and trash talks Michael Isreal and me only because he views us as niggers. He said so. The racist thing is, the SAME DAMN THING allegedly happened to him, and he goes on to say "I was forced out by a dirty cop and a dirty police department."

Here's the Finding of Fact and Law (I won over the objection and Appeal of my former boss, Ohio AG "Bloody Betty" Montgomery, another fascist AG) that Mr. Isreal was made a Victim of Violent Crime at the hands of the Police "buildup of fluid and inflammation in his neck" read it and weep Mr. Bill, you are indeed a hypocritical racist scumbag cracker, and you joined the Franconia Collective only to gather information for the government and your racist friends.


23 March 2010

KingCast Concretely presents: Robert Taylor's Law, interloper Bill Christy and Joey times two.

Monkeyboy1955 is one of my subscribers from Gloucester, MA so he recognizes the beauty of Robert Taylor's Law (S 8013) to protect unsuspecting Massachusetts tenants from unscrupulous landlords renting un-inspected or unsafe premises. That's Robert Taylor's best friend Jim Dinsmore with me at a Senate Hearing on the measure that was put forth by Senator Bruce Tarr, a vigorous advocate for the common folk. Read the dang Gloucester Times editorials on the matter right here.
But there's also a chance that Taylor's legacy will extend far beyond the Gloucester area, his extended family and his circle of friends — if local and state lawmakers cooperate, and they should.

Proposed legislation is being pushed by the Lawrence-based law firm of Crnilovic & Phillips, who have also brought the first lawsuit on behalf of a tenant who said she was never notified that her apartment had not undergone proper safety inspections for several years.

But first noted by the paper on 1 Feb. 2008.
"The residents of the Lorraine were apparently never notified of their building's hazards. But they — and other residents of such buildings around the state — would have that right if this new proposal were to become law.

Now that would be a fitting legacy for Mr. Taylor."

Robert Taylor died in an illegal apartment with ingress and egress only through another floor, and that's a fact, Jack. Read more about it in this Gloucester Times story by Richard Gaines. The paper won an award for its coverage, huzzah!

Curiously, (but not surprisingly, because he's a tool who goes by a stage name only) the idiot interloper "Bill Christy" no longer supports this measure. He was in favor of the measure that I initiated, but now he calls me a nigger, a tar baby and a motherfucker. Really.
Read it right here.

What a schmuck this guy is, I can't believe it.

this song stands the test of time, most certainly. Johnette did her thing, and thanks to Monkeyboy for a great rendition thereof, hereto and wherefore.

KingCast detects elements of rape in Bruce McKay's arrest of Sarah.

Watch this YouTube video from a KingCast affiliate. Remember, Liko Kenney said that McKay stuck his testicles in his face at an arrest that was likely Unconstitutional? Remember Ms. B said McKay stuck a "penis-shaped knife" near her privates without just cause? Read the White Mountains linky below.

Dig the part at 1:30-2:30
, with this guy looking for all the World like a pervert, then again the effected heavy breathing at 7:00, long after the take down. And the arrest and take down were Constitutionally flawed at worst, questionable at best: Read the Motion to Suppress.

Only Bruce McKay winds up on situations like this, he even sent a young innocent girl - a complete bystander -- to the hospital after he discharged OC Spray in a closed building. Yes he did. He was on a rampage against Ryan Hartford.... over a case that was DISMISSED, never even made it to trial because when Mr. Hartford asked for the Discovery, Bruce McKay had "misplaced it." Kinda like the missing Troy Watts Ethics Complaint that took the town a YEAR to find for me.

Whatever, it all fits together now.

Name a roadway after this guy? Franconia wisely said "No Thanks."

From Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains:
p. 203
Sherman also writes "...one cannot deny that he has had his share of success. King was responsible for uploading the Sarah E. arrest video onto YouTube and he also released many of the Liko-Kenney--McKay case documents on his Web site. He has been spurned by many so-called legitimate reporters, but Chris King has been a tenacious advocate for the Kenney family and a major thorn in the side of New Hampshire law enforcement."

KingCast quick note on Bill Christy, professional interloper.

This foul-mouthed troll ("nigger," "motherfucker," etc.) came into the Franconia Collective 2+ years ago under the guise of being a former JAG Attorney who would help out in any way he could. As noted herein, he said he had spoken with other LE about the Franconia situation and that he "would have shot Bruce McKay as well."

He has since done a 180 degree turn, while trying to blame me for misleading him about the facts of the situation, as if he had not reviewed the facts from anyone else before writing as he did. The whole time this creep was infiltrating and fishing for whatever he could get out of me or the Franconia Collective to share it with his buddies like Quiet Man, another fanatical tool who has been following my every move now for about five (5) years, under various assumed names. That's what you get in America when you expose government malfeasance.

The guy (who denies being an Internet stalker) is now is boasting of some complaints that have allegedly been issued against me as a credentialed member of the press. Who he knows or how he would have knowledge of this is a rather curious question, Willis: I telephoned NENPA yesterday, no word of any complaints, let's see what comes up. That tool would be better off taking a look into the press CORI violations over at the Boston Herald that I'm exposing, and getting promises on video from the Governor about.

Anyway, come to find out this blow hard won't substantiate or provide:
a) his real name
b) any proof that he was a JAG Attorney.

Quick, I know to get the real answers we can call 1.800.DOUCHBAG!

KingCast reminder: Jason Vassell hearing on Motion to Dismiss on Friday, 26 March 2010.

Click to enlarge, read to be outraged. From a portion of the Motion to Dismiss...... replete with your typical drunken angry sexually insecure white male misogynist "whore, cunt" ramblings is but one of six (6) different incidences of violence in which Jon Bosse and John Bowes have been involved in since 2003, some involving axe blades and handles, others involving the nigger bomb, etc. etc. these guys are real dirtbags, totally. Here's some back story, and some video and pictures from the Discovery hearing held earlier this month.

Read all of the documents at JusticeforJason.org.

22 March 2010

KingCast tells Russell Cumbee: "Don't ASSume anything and just Deal with it, dude.... it's called Free Speech and the Democratic process."

This Russell Cumbee johnny-come-lately tool to North Country ASSumes in today's Caledonian Record that the other voters in Franconia, had they been so moved to vote, would have voted in favor of his warrant ballot. That's like me saying if more voters had shown up for Dewey, he would have defeated Truman.

Well.... duh.

I mean, what a revolutionary concept, right? Read more to see how brilliant this guy really is..... NOT.

21 March 2010

KingCast says "Well I'll be damned, it's another Manchester Police Department head cracking case at the Strange Brew!"

The picture is this month's beat down of Christopher J. Micklovich, who filed a formal Complaint for Excessive Use of Force. I can't wait for the Federal lawsuit, hell in the Isreal case I filed ours before the criminal trial was even scheduled, it was rad.

Here's the one from last year, with a civil settlement and criminal trial date against the cop coming in May.

I used to hang out at Strange Brew all the time when I was dating a young lady in Manchester, never saw any problems there, and great happy hour specials. Strange Brew.... I don't know about that, but there sure is something funny in the water.... does not compute.......

KingCast says "Criminality in North Country LE?....... Pshaw...."

And who is killing all these young ladies up there? Here's yet another one, Kelly Winslow.

KingCast and BlackEnroe take to the courts!

There's nothing like the first time out of the year. I love this little urban tennis oasis at the public park over on Washington Street, it's a blast, chain-link net, crayons on the court and all of that.

1:00 - 2:45
I love my backhand, slice or two-handed top it's a good-looking stroke and fairly effective. Nobody hits a slice backhand anymore and it frustrates the living shit out of anyone who's not an NTRP 4.5 or better. The forehand got hit with an ugly stick and the volleys are come-and-go, but whatever, it's only a game, and thank goodness someone invented this game and that I have the ability to enjoy it, as my father still does at 72. It's All Good.

19 March 2010

KingCast sees Governor Patrick, Heffernan & staff fail to identify who is leading the Boston Herald Defamation/CORI leak investigation.

As the top photo hints, it is the Boston Herald who should be locked up behind barbed wire fences, IMO. Shot from the shadow of Boston's biggest racist tabloid rag from my favorite Asian grocery store. The fence is in focus, the Herald slightly out-of-focus and the 650R sits idling patiently in the foreground, another perfect KingCast composition.

Governor Patrick -- for whom I have volunteered -- specifically told me that there would be an investigation. Three weeks ago he specifically said (watch the dang video)
"I don't want a prison system shrouded in secrecy."

Well now is the time to step forward and act on it, or call me back at least. Marybeth Heffernan knew all about this way back in The Day, click on the email to read it. She's more than familiar with the issue, but still remains mired in inertia. Sandra McCoomb (direct reports to Heffernan) spoke with me on Tuesday and said she was unfamiliar with the case but would holler back by today but despite my three (3) calls into her office, I never heard "Boo!." Why can't anyone tell me who is heading up the investigation? Pastor Dickerson would like to know as well.

I specifically told them back in January.

Listen: The shit is about to hit the fan next week, and it's more than meets the eye and more than I have ever let on here. At that time they will wish they had responded.

Did you know that when Governor Patrick toured the facilities he never actually met with Darrell Jones? Perhaps now would be a time appropriate, considering the documented history of what Mr. Jones has done to combat violent crime. Documents and an entire website going up this weekend on that, and his underlying trial transcript will be posted soon as well, time to air out the dirty laundry......But I digress: For the Governor to publicly say that he's going to conduct an investigation, that puts substantial heat on Darrell, he's living in a fishbowl and swimming with sharks. But then not to conduct one, or not to even be able to articulate who's heading up the investigation, does not bode well. Pastor Dickerson would like to know more too.

PPS: Did you know that The Globe sales are down at the prisons? Well they are, and I could tell you why. And I will. It's because the union and the Herald are so tight, the inmates get the Globe a coupla' days late, consistently. So they opt out of the Globe Plan and wind up with the bogus coverage from the same paper who just paid millions to Judge Murphy for Defamation, a paper that showed no shame in calling a former DOC Superintendent "Boone the Coon."

That's okay. We've got something for their butts, and we're gonna' punctuate it with a giant "Boo-Yah!"

KingCast: Real news for real people.

18 March 2010

KingCast tours the Chelsea and Quincy District Courts, turning up cocaine issues in both.

NOTE: I'm going to scan the docs tomorrow or re-shoot them.

Top photo at Milky Way Bella Luna jus' 'cos I'm a Shining Star......that's what a guy named Light Shiner told me before he appeared in the almost but not quite but soon-to-be legendary KingCast short film "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts."

I'm still not sure how I'm going to write the Chelsea case yet (Daniel Talbot's last official act) so for now enjoy the picture of my lunch at Chelsea (that restaurant is delightful) and the radio segment below. What I can tell you about the Quincy "Road Rage" shooting is that Jennifer Bynarowicz was 100% definitely blowing rails. She said so in the police narrative.

The Probable Cause hearing was set back to 22 April 2010 today over Defendant O'Connell's objection. I've got the docket copied and all of the witness statements. The whole thing was over in 10 seconds, according to these statements. Ms. Bynarowicz refused to tell the interviewing officer where she got the marching powder. She might be under marching orders to do so at some point.

At this point Joey Fasano and Ms. Bynarowicz are not charged with any crime whatsoever, despite the fact that cocaine was in her car and she flat out admitted "It's my stuff...I was partying" and cocaine was allegedly on Mr. Fasano's face.

David Traub from the DA's Office telephoned me to say he had reviewed my radio segment on the matter and would be back in touch on Friday.

PS: Darkness himself is coming to Boston soon. Too bad Rick James can't be with him, but we can at least share in the video......