08 February 2010

Sam Shaulson, Morgan Lewis and Citibank proved wrong again, this time on KingCast professionalism under adverse circumstances.

And this just in 18 May 2017 NYL continues to review this link. They should be aware that the underlying conviction in the Talbot was was REVERSED.  They say it was for a certain stated reason but really there were about a million reasons this was a bullshit case.

And this just in:

For the folks at NY Life who are Googling me while waiting to respond to my inquiry regarding a certain legal matter in New Hampshire, take a look at the update for D.A. Dan Conley, who is being called upon to investigate Boston Police Department thuggery and trespass at James Berlo's home. 


Sam_Shaulson_wrong_on_KingCast_professionalism Citibank claims they lawfully refused to open a bank account for me while they opened one for my Caucasian girlfriend because I became boisterous when they refused to cash Derrick Gillenwater's check. But I didn't, and that's the real reason Citibank refused to offer that tape for public view, I would have gladly blue-dotted everyone else to show my demeanor at the bank that day because I was chill. I recently proved that they lied about what the teller saw, too, watch this video.

Now as to why DA Conley was so nasty to me, ignoring me while speaking to Caucasian journalists who publish my photos, well I'm an intelligent, assertive observer --and a black man -- making some very disquieting observations about the quality of his team's investigation in the Dan Talbot murder trial, in which I have posted some 36 KingCast YouTube videos. He claims it was something to be proud of, but reasonable minds can and do find it lacking in crucial areas -- and potentially even fabricated. Read this post about the spent casing that made a miraculous landing into the crevice of a Gatorade bottle without even scoring its plastic, and listen to the testimony of the Sergeant who leads up the range testing.

Anyway, watch as Dan Conley totally disrespects me but I keep my cool and keep on with the video, even as the press secretary Jake Wark is reduced to giggles.

As a matter of course, DA Dan Conley is a wannabe-bully, Press Secretary Jake Wark is a silly-man giggler and I am cool, calm and collected: Habit “is the person’s regular practice of meeting a particular kind of situation with a specific type of conduct,” whereas character “is a generalized description of one’s disposition, or of one’s disposition in respect to a general trait, such as honesty, temperance, or peacefulness.” Figueiredo v. Hamill, 385 Mass. at 1004, 431 N.E.2d at 232, quoting Advisory Committee Notes, Fed. R. Evid. 406. As noted in the comments, a private citizen is sending me his video from the occasion he was so shocked as well.

One day I want DA Conley to look me in the face and straight up tell me
"I know that .40 cal casing on that Gatorade bottle really flew there and landed just like that."
Shortly after that he will disappear into the horizon as he walks across the Charles River in Jesus sandals.

PS: I was asking many of the crucial questions with blogger Kane in December, 2007.


Christopher King said...

From the TOUCH FM blog:

Susan said...

Dear Mr. King, I am the Aunt of Bobby Iacoviello and I reside in Colorado. I was not able to come to Boston for the trial. I want to thank you for being my eyes and ears of this trial. You are a wonderful human being...You should be proud of the great work you do. I know I am proud of you and your work.. Thank you so much for being there. (especially for me). Susan
February 8, 2010 8:21 AM


TOUCH 106.1 FM Boston said...

Dear Susan,

You are more than welcome. I am just as exhausted and spent as I was from handling trials on the other side of the jury box, but that's okay.

The issues had to come out, and I've been waiting to do this ever since I heard about the case 2 years ago.

Peace to you and your family.

Peace to the Talbot family.

I look forward to covering the Appellate process, feel free to email me at kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com

February 8, 2010 8:57 AM

Christopher King said...

A private citizen of no friend or relation of mine just contacted me.

This citizen caught much of the exchange on video too (on his phone) and I won't repeat what the person said about Conley and his Press Secretary Jake Wark but the word "hole" was involved.

He's working on sending me the file now, Tuesday 9 Feb 2010.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

PS: Dear Attorney Conley, those credentials are coming later this week or top of next, I'm reaching for the plastic and the order form right now for New England Newspaper & Press Association, once they reviewed the facts they were more than happy to welcome me in.

I sincerely hope we can keep our future conversations professional, I'll do my part if you do yours.


Christopher King, J.D.

Christopher King said...

DA Conley's Office just checked in this morning:

Query, WTF do they want, Conley won't talk to me but he'll talk to reporters and newspapers who use my images, and he read my blog but tell me to go to hell to my face.

What a tool.

Speaking of tools wait until I post a pic of Press Secretary Jake Wark I'm waiting on, as he laughed at Conley disrespecting me as I shot the Dan Talbot Murder Trial video #35.


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Christopher King said...

Also by the time Dan Conley pulled his little gangster move he was well aware of who I am, and that Masters in Criminal Justice had top-ranked my personal blog with the ACLU.

30 Return Visits here:

They were aware that I had praised the DA's on another murder case, and they were aware of KingCast.net, my main website portal, so Conley was just being a hater, pure and simple and I caught him on camera, as did an observer I spoke with yesterday who is trying to load the video and a picture of press secretary Jake Wark giggling like a little girl on to a CD to present to me.

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