10 February 2010

Revere Dan Talbot murder proffered testimony of Michael Racca becomes key as YouTube videos disappear from Chris King's 1st Amendment Page.

UPDATE: Vids now appear, only one other person reported problems so I hope it was only an operating system glitch.

First of all people are writing me about the power of Michael Racca's proffered testimony, read the comments on the miraculous reception of the spent .40 cal casing post to see that some folks -- whom I believe to be the same Juror who wrote me in this post -- would have voted differently had they heard this. And yah I am 100% it was a Juror in the earlier post but not in the first one, only 90% sure on that pending further comment or verification.

Here then, is that testimony
from Derek Lodie's childhood friend who is not incarcerated or the recipient of any government-brokered sentence reduction and who in fact is getting his life together as a physician's aide.

Second, the power of that video and many others has been muted because I woke up this morning to find that I cannot see ANY of my YouTube videos on the blog, prompting me to write this email:

Please advise as to why my videos do not appear, for example:


There is a video beneath the picture of that spent casing that does not appear anymore, and in fact NONE of my videos appear any more, hundreds of video placements are missing yet they play fine on YouTube. Have I been hacked?

I am not aware that I have violated any TOS here. My blog has survived 7 or 8 challenges by Government and Big Business and I have never lost once, so I would hope that this is a technical glitch.

Please advise, immediately thank you. This is particularly important because I have recently used video to show an unprecedented 36 videos of a crucial police murder trial and had 15,000 hits on such videos in 2 weeks, without any advertising. That is what America is all about, and should I not be able to obtain information from you I will need to contact that ACLU, another blog that was ranked high with mine by the Masters in Criminal Justice Website.


Christopher King, J.D.

cc: Jeffrey L. Kosiba, Esq.


Christopher King said...

DA Conley's Office just checked in this morning:

Query, WTF do they want, Conley won't talk to me but he'll talk to reporters and newspapers who use my images, and he read my blog but tell me to go to hell to my face.

What a tool.

Speaking of tools wait until I post a pic of Press Secretary Jake Wark I'm waiting on, as he laughed at Conley disrespecting me as I shot the Dan Talbot Murder Trial video #35.


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Christopher King said...

Also by the time Dan Conley pulled his little gangster move he was well aware of who I am, and that Masters in Criminal Justice had top-ranked my personal blog with the ACLU.

30 Return Visits here:

They were aware that I had praised the DA's on another murder case, and they were aware of KingCast.net, my main website portal, so Conley was just being a hater, pure and simple and I caught him on camera, as did an observer I spoke with yesterday who is trying to load the video and a picture of press secretary Jake Wark giggling like a little girl on to a CD to present to me.

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