26 February 2010

KingCast thanks DA Dan Conley and Attorney Janis DiLoreto Noble for prompt response on Public Records Request on Dan Talbot's last Official Act.

This is an update to this post from Tuesday, 23 Feb 2010 on several public records requests in NH and MA. I know the Concord Police Department is checking in too.

Counselor DiLorento Noble provided the Chelsea Court Docket numbers 0714CR3442 and 0714CR3443 relative to an alleged Civil Rights violation that Officer Talbot charged against William Settipane and Keith Rivers. I will now check to see if those records have been maintained, and follow up with Revere Police Chief Terence Reardon, naturally I copied him on the request so he will be ready to promptly respond as well.

That's The Deal. I'm a citizen. I'm a journalist with extensive legal background and knowledge and I ask questions. When I get disrespected I note it in video, and when the State does the Right Thing I note that as well. And to my detractors (and supporters) I can safely say given the state of several current negotiations that this is going to continue happening in Boston on a much larger scale, trust me on that.

It's KingCastic and we're Keeping it Real.

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