27 February 2010

KingCast says "Oh, the Days are Just Packed!!!"

SUNDAY UPDATE: No more pics or video until I finish my new post with video from tonight's Town Hall meeting with Governor Deval Patrick. He stood in and took some serious questions about a number of issues, including prison reform from Sarah Okolita and Yours Truly.

UPDATE: Hey I'm with the band, I'm the unofficial tennis coach!!! LOL..... DC & Kue Music Project tonight at Green Dragon. Pics and video coming. They will probably sync their audio with my video, it will be a blast. Next time I'll bring lighting. It was a pleasantly decadent evening :)

It's been quite the day here at KingCast networks, morning yoga & breakfast, a bike ride, a 2-hour board meeting for the new nonprofit (it rocks), a bike ride back in the rainy salty snow and a bike wash and wax at the hands of Mr. Nelson, a consummate professional detailer and avid biker himself. Somewhere along the way I talked to a pretty lady a little while ago, and I went to the post office at South Station and got to know more about Canon's Color Accent, as the reviewer says, it's about the baddest thing on two wheels :)

Listened to REM and Buju Banton, now there's a study in contrasts.

Related book: Calvin & Hobbes, thanks Em :)


Christopher King said...

Red and Grey are two very interesting colors when placed in contrast. My prep school (Hawken) had red & grey as the school colors.

The South Station pictures I chose to accent the red because there was so much grey everywhere else, and of course the 650R is red & grey. By themselves neither of these colors do I find impressive.

But life is all about contrasts, and how they work together.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun-filled day. Cheers, Chris.


Christopher King said...


It sure was.

Not as key as the Cherylann days but then not much is :)