26 February 2010

KingCast says "It was Good Day Sunshine, Dog Day Afternoon!"

Soooo.... I got up, did some yoga, took some pictures, rode the 650R around and bought some chocolate croissants for my friend and me, where I met this really great lil' doggie. It was a Good Day Sunshine. But not for this fella, for him he allegedly stole some stuff from Stop'n'Rob, now he's going to jail, sorta' like Gregory Floyd, "Jr." did 'cos he's a thief just like his daddy, who stole a Virgin Mary Statue some time before he murdered Liko Kenney, IMO. Anyway, this guy didn't even get to scream "Attica!!! Attica!!!"

KingCast: It's awesome :)

PS: Little Floyd arrested on criminal trespass 15 Feb. 2010 read the comments.

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Christopher King said...

So fun, all three of these pics just flat rock.

A Good Day to shoot a Canon, indeed.


Christopher King said...

That plainclothes cop, the look on his face and in his eyes, is priceless. I don't shoot multiple frames, I just roll with the rhythm of the situation and I usually get what I want. I sure did this time :)

I watched him go about his duties in a firm but professional manner until Boston Police came.

Hats off to him and each and every responsible LE in the World.

May the others straighten up, fly right and follow suit.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

"On Feb 15,2010 Gregory W. Floyd Jr., 21, Easton was arrested for Criminal Trespass. Police said Floyd entered Wal-Mart after being prohibited from doing so. In 2009, court records state Floyd pleaded guilty to stealing from a cash register as a Wal-Mart employee. Floyd was released on $500 personal recognizance bail and is scheduled to appear in court March 23."