21 February 2010

KingCast says congrats to Bode Miller.

Some folks don't realize, he's always worked hard. Sometimes he played too hard, but you know that's life. And oh, until today he hadn't won a Gold in the Olympics.

And Bjorn Borg never won a U.S. Open, and John McEnroe lost the French to Ivan Lendl, whatever. Liko Kenney said in this video that when he's on, he's the best athlete in the World. That's a claim hard to qualify or quantify, but let's just say... he's wayyyyy up there. Read the comments to see that he even shocked Tommy Moe :) Well the difference is that at least now, as opposed to both of those aforementioned legends, Bode can honestly say "I did it all."


Christopher King said...


Cool Forbes Adventure interview and video with Tommy Moe.


Christopher King said...



"I don't think he'll be at Whistler in 2010....."

LOL Tommy, LOL.

-The KingCaster.