04 February 2010

KingCast says the Boston Herald is still a sensationalized, lying tabloid wannabe rag: Dan Talbot was not shot "between the eyes."

In response to this story that calls Robert Iacoviello "a pint-size punk" I wrote, in pertinent part:

Too bad the shot was not "between the eyes" why bother with the sensationalism, this case was ugly enough as it is, and you know what the Forewoman said, the LE's actions were "totally reprehensible."

Anyway I ran KingCast YouTube video of much of the trial and I have the autopsy video and stills in my computer and the wound was to the right side of Officer Talbot's right eyebrow.



And Michael Picardi, the guy who did the yeoman's share of dismantling the weapon, wasn't even charged. Watch this video:



But the Herald is about to catch a lesson about their slimy ways, run a word search for these scumbag yellow "journalists" in the top left corner of this blog, he-heh.


Anonymous said...

very well siad mr king YI BRO

Christopher King said...


Thank you,

The made it easy for me.

-The KingCaster.