15 February 2010

KingCast says Amy Bishop minority campus shootings show the effects of New England LE malfeasance, covering for their own, the thin blue line kills.

Update 17 Feb: The Boston Globe reports that the "missing" Braintree police file has surfaced, and that Amy Bishop could have faced several charges. Well no sh*t Sherlock, I told you that already. But where did the file go to? Did someone hide it for her Amy's Mommy Dearest? And Ms. Bishop was on prior occasion also recommended for anger management training....after she ASSAULTED an innocent woman at a Peabody IHOP. Read the comments.
Meanwhile Attorney Delahunt is also MIA, surprise, surprise...

Update 16 Feb: The Boston Herald today reported that a "retired" former ADA John Kivlan said there was nothing wrong in the investigative process, blah blah blah. Too bad that dude is a shill for former DA Delahunt, that's why I put the huge page capture up front and center. The States of NH and MA always fail to produce good ballistics when they are covering up something, up to and including the placement of shell casings in police murder trials.

Note: Read Stephen Doherty's nightmare account of wrongful imprisonment as a result of DA William Delahunt, the same DA whose malfeasance (along with that of former Braintree Chief John Polio) is likely a substantial reason Amy Bishop slipped through the system in the first place.
Huntsville, Alabama will never be the same after a white woman gunned down three minorities, but LE in New England will keep on keepin' on, stuck on stupid and doing favors for their own. And that in turn will lead to death and agony. CBS News asks if she murdered her own brother.

From the Boston Herald's "Quincy man recalls Amy Bishop holdup." LE let her go instead of giving orders to shoot to kill or even charging her with attempted armed robbery and felonious assault with a deadly weapon spec when someone not well-connected -- or dare I say a minority suspect -- would have had their heads blown off considering she had just bust a cap in her own brother, Seth:
Pettigrew then watched as Bishop walked through the dealership looking at cars, all the while grasping the gun.

By then, police arrived and swarmed the parking lot. One armed officer climbed up on a nearby roof, Pettigrew said, and could have taken her out.

Instead, they arrested her. Braintree police Chief Paul Frazier has said officers on duty claim they were forced by retired former Chief John Polio to let Bishop, whose mother was a member of the police personnel board, go. Polio denies that and said then-District Attorney William Delahunt investigated the case and ruled it an accident.

I wrote:

As a former Assistant Attorney General I can safely tell you that this is a story of LE run amok, and it is nothing new.

I put up 36 videos of the Dan Talbot murder trial and have reviewed the cop-on-cop shooting at a closed Concord NH credit union and in both instances shell casing and/or gun removal from a crime scene and other protocol were flat out VIOLATED WITH IMPUNITY, with no substantial recourse. But no substantial punishments for these violations because they are LE and/or friends of LE c'mon folks connect the dots here.

Everything documented right here:

And let's not forget the 7 specific OC Spray and Pursuit policies (see item #9) that Franconia's Bruce McKay violated in ramming Liko Kenney's car off the road over an underlying simple registration violation, when the AG's office and Town of Franconia BOTH refused to issue any analysis of the stop -- because there were obviously Constitutional violations implicated.

Now DA Dan Conley and his Press Secretary Jake Wark can be as nasty to me as they want to be for exposing government malfeasance to the general public in ways never done before (watch the video), but it's not going to change the fact that the thin blue line must, at times, be crossed.


Christopher King said...

Not to mention the pipe bomb issue.
Anyway, nobody wants to say what's up with the fact that the victims were all minorities but if a black person killed 3 Caucasians that would definitely be noted.

On to a larger, fully sanctioned radio format and public television.

Christopher King said...

Anybody and Everybody can see that there was a coverup because of her momma and her contacts:

Herald comments.


Even if the shooting of her brother was ruled accidental, why wasn't she charged with holding a gun to the chest of Tom Pettigrew?

This stinks of a cover-up...

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WesternCiv2 replying to Aliskant


Thanks for the link to the 1986 stories.

It's obvious the mother and police covered-up from the beginning -- no mention of Amy's subsequent armed carjacking attempt. Even if the shooting were an "accident", she should have been arrested for attempted armed robbery.

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Christopher King said...

Interview with the Author

Why did you write this book?

I felt that I had to do it. Beyond just telling my story I want people to be aware of the lengths that the so-called justice system will go to, in order to get a conviction. From misleading the public through the media, hiding evidence, making up false evidence, bribing and/or intimidating witnesses to lie and commit perjury, to bringing in a judge who'll let them do anything that they want. Fortunately, modern technology--DNA, etc.--is exposing so many false convictions that some people are finally accepting the heretofore disregarded claims of innocence made by those who have been falsely convicted. Unfortunately, most folks still believe whatever the media tells them. Sadly, for the most part, the media tells them what Big Brother wants them to hear.

Do you think that the media covers up bum beefs?

Yes. I consider it to be a common practice. Not that there aren't exceptions. It's pretty much accepted that, if it wasn't for an investigative reporter, Dan Rae, Peter Limone and Joe Salvati never would have overturned their convictions. But Dan Rae is a rare case. This was a case that was commonly known, by guys in the life, to be a bum beef. And the FBI certainly knew, all the way up to, and including, the head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover. But, outside of Dan Rae, for the most part, the rest of the media knew that those guys were guilty.

Big Brother told them so. Just like Willie Bennett. When they busted him for killing a nine-month-pregnant woman, everybody knew that he did it. The media said so daily and, for a couple of months, everybody knew that Willie was an evil baby killer.....

Crucial: Read more right here.

.....Not only did the woman's husband, Charles Stuart, identify Willie, but, according to the media's "reliable sources," the cops had witnesses that Willie admitted that he'd done it. Until Stuart's brother gave him up, and the witnesses admitted that they lied. Is there anyone who has any doubt that, if Stuart's brother hadn't given him up for being the real killer, and if the alleged witnesses hadn't admitted that the cops threatened them into saying that Willie told them that he'd done it, that Willie wouldn't be doing multiple life bits right now for killing a pregnant woman and her unborn baby?

Christopher King said...

Doherty rocks:

Do you think that the Department of Correction was acting in coercion with the justice system?

Yes. There were just too many coincidences that impeded my appeal. Every time that I discovered new evidence the DOC shipped me out of state. Every time the courts ordered me back, the DOC kept me locked in the hole, without charging me with any disciplinary violations. These are the two most difficult places to try to do legal work. Then, when a judge ordered them to place me back in general population, the DOC framed me for a stabbing and put me back in the hole. The one thing that each of these activities had in common was that every one of them interfered with my appeal of the murder that they framed me for.

Is a defendant who's already in prison more likely to be convicted than an ordinary person?

Yes. First, I believe that, because you're already a convicted felon, some jurors mindsets would be that you are 'guilty until proven innocent'. Second, is the 'reliable witness', another inmate, whom the lying persecutors vow is not going to be rewarded for his testimony. Then, when the trial is over, they very quietly let their con artist out. One of their classic ploys, when they have no real evidence, when circumstances prevent their perjurer from being able to say that he saw what happened, is to have their rat testify that the defendant told him that he did it.

Anonymous said...

Color doesnt matter. Shouldn't matter ever. Justice is suppose to be blind.
I feel for the families of those murdered and we should show some respect to them.

Christopher King said...


I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm just saying that if a black man had shot some whites.... there would have been substantial discussion about whether there was a racial element.

The main thing I'm pointing out here is the lack of integrity on the part of LE.

That is what is totally disrespectful to the families :(

Did you see the newest discovery about "retired" ADA John Kivlan, who said there was no problem in the investigation?

Come to find out he's a shill for Delahunt, nice.

Peace to you, my brother/sister.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

My Gosh, can anything say "Bullshit coverup" more convincingly than that fact that she was going to retrieve a friggin' shotgun immediately after a heated family dispute, then used that weapon to threaten innocent employees in an attempted Grand Theft Auto?


More from the Globe.

"An unsettling incident then marred the domestic scene: Samuel, Amy’s father, said he had a disagreement with Amy over a comment she made, the nature of which has never been disclosed.

He then left the house at about 11:30 a.m. to do some shopping at the South Shore Mall, leaving Amy in her room while her brother, Seth, washed Samuel’s car, according to the police reports.

Amy ventured into her parents’ bedroom, where she found her father’s shotgun lying on a chest of drawers and shells for the gun resting on a bureau.

While Amy told police about the “spat’’ she had with her father, she insisted she went to her parents’ room for the shotgun because she was worried about a possible robbery, as the house had been burglarized about a year earlier.

After returning to her room, Amy loaded the gun, although she had never been trained to use the weapon. And when she tried to unload it, she told police, the gun went off, putting a hole in her bedroom wall, which she attempted to conceal with a book cover and a metal Band-Aid box later found by police.

Shortly before the gun went off in Amy’s room, her mother returned from the stable with lunch in mind. Discovering there was little to eat, Seth went out shopping and returned with the makings of a family meal.

He dropped the groceries in the family kitchen, moved into the living room to turn on the television, and returned to the kitchen just as Amy came downstairs carrying the shotgun.

Amy told police she went downstairs to ask Seth for help unloading it. Seth and his father were members of a local gun club and Seth had been trained to use the weapon. And upon entering the kitchen, Amy said, Seth told her to point the gun up.

When she did, she was distracted by something her mother said - perhaps her mother telling her not to point it at anyone - and the gun went off a second time, leaving her brother bleeding to death on the family’s kitchen floor, the reports said...."

Christopher King said...

Okay..... No CORI for her...


In March 2002, Bishop visited a Peabody International House of Pancakes with her family, asked for a booster seat for one of her children, and learned the last seat had gone to another mother. Bishop, according to a police report, strode over to the other woman, demanded the seat and launched into a profanity-laced rant.

When the woman would not give the seat up, Bishop punched her in the head, all the while yelling "I am Dr. Amy Bishop."