19 February 2010

KingCast responds to a misogynist hater who says "Justin Barrett was never fired, he's policing in Mattapan."

The hater is noted in para. 2.
Okay, so if Justin Barrett was never fired, and is on tour of duty in Mattapan, then that means that LE Commissioner Davis lied to us, and this is something that, what, you are proud of? That guy is so stupid he can't even string two sentences together without grammatical error, it's a wonder how he fills out his tickets. Did you know that failure to fill out tickets properly and bringing false charges can result in getting your ass handed to you in a Criminal Trial and attendant Civil Actions? Yah, just ask my client Michael Isreal and Officers Rhodes and Hensley, watch the video they weren't fired either, despite the FACT that I got them found liable for making Mr. Isreal a victim of violent crime after 4 years of litigation, you want me to send you a memo on Court of Claims case #V1996-61481? See that's part of the problem in American is meathead pigs like that ruining life for the Good Ones. Bruce McKay was not, sadly, a Good One. Kind of like Firefighter Joey Fasano, still not charged with cocaine possession even though it was right there on his face during that Quincy "road rage" incident, which is very similar to yet another one last week by Lieutenant "Soused" Souza, ahem.

BTW I've got a bigger radio show and cable TV coming so I'll have you on as a guest, and we can discuss this in front of a much larger audience, I'll let you known when, so don't punk out when it's time for the gettin' on.

Perhaps you are proud of the lies and violations of protocol by NH and MA LE as set forth in this post, you know, really difficult concepts like "put the guns down" and "don't pick up the shell casings."

Let's see how the Bruce McKay SB154 hearings go at the House, where the same concept was put down 2 years ago. I'm sure you love my YouTube discussion with Senator Letourneau who repeatedly interrupted me until I set him straight on the First Amendment. See you there, tool. And BTW get your own word, I started that one here.

And you failed to comment on whether or not you believe Trooper Todd Landry (now promoted to F Troop Lieutenant dude) was "being an ass" when he asked for Maura Murray's phone records, and Willis you ain't never 'splained w'happened to the "Discovery" package that disappeared in Ryan Hartford's case. You know what I'm talkin' 'bout Willis, it was that matter that All-So-Important that Bruce McKay had to discharge his OC Spray in a public building and sent an innocent girl to the hospital. But you don't care about her, she's just another b*tch needs put in her place, like Ms. B, huh?

I saw you today during my morning skate, there you are in the third picture. You were in your stinking element, headed for the trash with the other bad apples who ruin it for the Good Ones:

Send the Hell's Angels memo to 617.262.6265 and send me a comment to let me know you sent it. You got any other memos that validate the protocol of sticking knives toward women's privates, as in Ms. B's complaint? Nope. But I got me some memos and protocol that define what Bruce McKay was supposed to do with regard to OC Spray and pursuit, and he violated 7 or 8 of them. Newbies read them here. But I'm sure you don't agree with that assessment either despite the written policies in the comments. Because you're a tool. What's next jackass, you're going to actually figure out the difference between a possessive pronoun and a contraction, LOL.

Shortly after that you'll 'splain to me how Billy Soto's spent casing wound up on that there Gatorade bottle without searing it, he-heh. I'm sure it happened just like that. Tool.


Christopher King said...

Everybody knows that the "investigation" in Franconia was complete garbage because there was never any assessment of the propriety of the traffic stop by AG Ayotte or the Town of Franconia.

The tool who keeps writing in to me will never change that fact, so he fills his days dreaming of different diatribe to hurl my way.

But here are the facts and the policies for all the World to see:


Use of Chemical Agents

II. Nondeadly
C (5) In all situations involving use of chemical agents, suspects should be given adequate warning of their imminent use and should be afforded time to respond to lawful commands.

Second is Policy D: Pursuit Tactics:

(3) Officer shall not attempt to overtake a fleeing vehicle.

(4) Officers may not intentionally use their vehicle to bump or ram the suspect's vehicle in order to force the vehicle to stop or to be pushed into a ditch.

Pursuit shall be immediately terminated in any of the following circumstances:

(E) The suspects identity has been established to the point that later apprehension can be accomplished, and there is no longer any need for immediate apprehension.


All clearly violated over a simple registration issue, because McKay was a hophead haterhead cop who hated Miller-Kenney, even writing Bode Miller a ticket based on hearsay, that's a Good One.

-The KingCaster

PS: Had a nice chat with Davey Kenney last evening, the details of which you'll find out about later, son.

Christopher King said...

Hahahaaa... from the home post at which the hater is going after former Sugar Hill/Franconia LE Brad Whipple and me.


You'll get that time and date. Be sure to show up, unlike the tool who threatened to show up to TOUCH 106.1 FM then ran away like a puppy that peed itself.

Here' the YouTube audio from that post, in which I also call for for Major Media to investigate Robert O'Connell's full background as well as that of Joey Fasano, in the Quincy "road rage" case, in which authorities reported he had cocaine on his face, ahem.


So anyway I'm still waiting on that tool to agree to same, and for him to provide the Hells Angels memo, he's walking right into my trap on that one.

Plus he can't even trash talk Todd Landry 'cos Landry was PROMOTED to Lieutenant.


Oh I'm sure it's Boston PD. If he could, he would probably plant some cocaine on me and call it a day. I in turn would just get Joey Fasano's lawyer 'cos he must be a badass, 'cos Joey had it in a car in which he was driving, and on his face and no charges!

Probably the same caliber of haters who unlawfully leaked Darrell Jone's CORI info to the Herald, which is why the Herald and Channel 7 are about to be sued, they are gonna' get their wagons fixed BUT GOOD, could be as early as next Friday.

Christopher King said...

6p. - still waiting on that fax.

Crickets chirping sweetly.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Days later, still chirping....

-The KingCaster.