05 February 2010

KingCast presents: Police Story (yes, you can run video on cops 24/7).

Read the Glick v. Boston update: I was right, as usual.
So I rolled video (coming late night with a bunch of other vids) on a cop-stop tonight outside the Dwight and Nicole show. The Officer was firm but quite respectful to the driver, I thought. But the officer had some questions for me, he did not appreciate my presence. That's too bad because if I'm not scared of D.A. Conley (and I'm not, he's an ass) I'm not scared of a street cop. I told him I thought he was doing a Good Job, it's all on video, but he was wiggin'.

As a former State Attorney, and as a Citizen of this Country, I'm going to do whatever I want to do with my cameras. There's a New Day in the First Amendment dawning for Boston, and I am going to lead the charge.

-The KingCaster.
PS: You want more, watch DA Conley acting like a tool: His transgressions are worse than those of the Officer in this video, every day they are. He knew exactly who I was (I've even sat next to him and was next to him all afternoon Friday) and he knew I had "credentials" from His Honor. I am going to approach His Honor about Dan Conley's actions because they are conduct unbecoming of any professional, much less the Director of Criminal Affairs, who is sworn to uphold the Constitutional Freedoms I was exercising.

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Christopher King said...

The nerve of this guy, just makes my skin crawl.

I'm sure I'm all up under his too, you can tell by his reaction to me and my question about how Murder 2 got on the table.

I'll stay under his skin until he improves his attitude.

I'm his boss, don't forget it.

He works for us.

-The KingCaster.