20 February 2010

KingCast post for Cousin Mike: "Tiger does what Mark McGwire should have done, and does it poorly."

Hey Wilbon,

It was so disgusting, I'm trying to eat my lunch yesterday at Samurai Boylston when I see Tiger woods up there, stammering and reading blankly from a page of prepared text. I'm like, Look man: You screwed up some stuff with your family and friends, Big Time. That matter is between you and them. And unlike Mark McGwire I am not aware of anything he has done that adversely effects the game of golf per se, and you don't see him up there making an ass of himself.

Query, where were the speech analysts when McGwire spoke and gave his half-assed apology? I didn't see nearly as many as I did when Tiger spoke yesterday.....

Tiger, who is handling you? Grow a pair, or extract them from whatever tawdry ho you were last hookin' up with against your pretty wife, and fire them immediately. All you had to do with your black ass yesterday was meet the press and say:
"I was a douchebag to my family and I am working on that matter with them. For you children who look up to me as a role model, I am sorry if I let you down, but that's not my job. Now I'll hand the microphone over to Mark McGwire for his public apology about cheating on the integrity of baseball and lying about steroid use."
This crap is so stupid, I'm not even showing a picture of either of these two men, instead enjoy the short video of some table tennis I switched to. Mike that's for you, Don, my father and me, remember those epic basement battles!!! LOL :)

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