08 February 2010

KingCast on the multi-task, watching misogyny-filled Superbowl ads.

So I was just chillin' out last night, playing chess and catching up on a mass of paperwork long-delayed during the past few weeks of my Dan Talbot Murder trial coverage that culminated in Suffolk County DA Dan Conley acting like a racist donkey's ass on video, when it hit me: These are the most misogynist, bullshit advertisements I have ever seen. The only good ad was the Volkswagen TDI ad. The worst one was the Dodge Charger ad, well, tied with the Bridgestone ad. And these ads weren't even remotely creative, but then again creativity is hardly the hallmark of misogyny. A quick Google search shows me I was not alone in my thoughts. The star of the Superbowl was the emasculated man.


Christopher King said...

I mean, it's like if your lady is such a nagging itch you have to drive a Charger to get away from her, perhaps you need to be with someone else.... and the Bridgestone ad, this guy leaves his wife for a bunch of savages to do gosh-knows-what to.

The Superbowl gives us a picture, or window into everything that is wrong in America in one four-hour montage.

Really creepy stuff.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Can you please post all links to everything related to Bruce McKay/Liko Kenney case? I've been trying to find more information and actual pictures from the scene. Are there any pictures of McKay or Kenney dead or of the autopsies, etc..? That would help paint a better picture of everything as the video only goes so far.

Christopher King said...

The do-it-all post is here.

SB154 hearing and info is here, listen to the Senate Chair try to run me over, I shut him down.

That should be a Good Start.

I never publish autopsy photos and I don't believe they were included in the media packet, but what was included is the picture of the windshield bullet that proves Gregory Floyd fired at Liko Kenney's car BEFORE the car struck McKay.

No major media had the Fourth Estate integrity to show that photograph.

I've been explaining that to sound engineers who will be evaluating the audio files for tampering.

Any questions just email me at kingjurisdoctor@gmail