01 February 2010

KingCast notes that Russell Cumbee, a total hypocrite and Franconia newcomer and rumored former LE, has filed a warrant for Bruce McKay Highway SB154.

M de Rham photos. Details are emerging, but I know that in March there will be a Town Vote regarding a warrant initiative set forth by this tool who actually had the gumption to write: "News flash: Free speech does improve people's lives."

News Flash: The problem with this hater hypocrite is that he obviously hates free speech with which he does not agree in that he calls me "An annoying blogger" even though I am the top-ranked Constitutional Law Blogger, and even as I make history as the first embed blogger with video at a Revere MA police murder trial (State v. Iacoviello/Dan Talbot). Mayoral Commendation as well, yah, I got it like that 'bro, but you're a hater so you call me names and I give it right back at you, because you've earned it.

As a Court Officer I would have hoped you would be more open-minded.

Mr. Cumbee, the people of Franconia will indeed vote and it might not turn out your way but that's the Democratic process where everybody gets to speak, not just you. And you only brought this initiative because you know the House vote is going to be difficult given that the House already said "only when the people want it" and ALL of the Sponsors for SB154 were from Hillsborough County or other areas outside of Franconia. You yourself are a newcomer, I'll bet I was skiing at Cannon before you were living up there and Mayor Streeter, a 30-year Governor's/Executive Council veteran was most definitely active in North Country before you were, and before he gave me that there Commendation, bro.

Several people have said they would have shot Bruce McKay as well, but I'm not going that far.... knows maybe Bruce McKay could have helped us figure out what happened to Maura Murray. Want more? Keep on reading.

I'll bet you weren't frequenting North Country back when Brad Whipple was an area LE, you might learn something from listening to veteran LE sometimes, but alas you're too busy calling people "loony leftists" 'cos you don't like how they exercise their Free Speech Rights. I hope you're not the one behind the theft of the SB154 opposition petition from Mojo's.


Christopher King said...

I've been waiting for this for a while.

I knew he would make an agressive move down the lane, but the folks from Franconia will no doubt meet him with a serious hip-check.


-The KingCaster, using my free speech to protect the Constitution and annoy hypocrites since 1965.

Christopher King said...

Haha Russell Cumbee, I'm showing 5-600 hits a day on this blog, so I just exposed your hypocritical nature to thousands.

That's what happens when you're a hater and you cross my path.

Small wonder I'm annoying to you.

-The KingCaster.