03 February 2010

Hey KingCast is Beck still in the Loop with you or what?

You newbies might not have noticed that Beck and Gil Scott Heron are the two background music artists in most KingCast videos. Well there's a reason for that, it's 'cos they Funk-ay!!!

Beck channeling James Brown: Funky Drummer. Check. Tight guitars. Check. Dancing Fool. Check. Charisma. Check. Proper Attitude. Check. And the Horn Section toward the end is uber tight, I used to rock this song 10 years ago and forgot all about it, good to stumble upon it tonight. I got to dance around once with some of James' Crew, and it is a lifetime experience. The most sampled artist in the World, dammit. Honorable Mention: BMWfilms "Beat the Devil."

And he saved Boston, that's a movie I watched with the Girly-Girl and boy did we have a lot to tawk about after watching that puppy. As to the Girl, wonderful. As to the City, well.... Usher might have said I love you but sometimes you gotta' Let it Burn, he-heh.

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