04 February 2010

Dan Talbot murder trial -- KingCast receives exclusive commentary from Juror, "Shady Soto was the weakest link."

In response to the "weakest link" post, it was Officer William Soto, and it supports my contention that a hung jury was close. Before I had video access I noted "Soto blasted on cross-examination."
I was a juror on this trial. We discounted Soto's testimony pretty much as his was so different than everyone else . This cop was pretty shady all around. He was the one who removed the two guns (his & talbots) from the murder scene. His testimony had changed much too often from the Grand jury account .. Lodi having the gun that ended up killing Talbot just made no sense. The elder Hung, Bobby and Tommy were the only 3 it came down to. We believed Tommy was coming clean and telling the truth. Hung is a worm of a human being. None of his testimony was taken to account.He threw his own kid brother under the bus... He did not have to involve him at all . ALL roads lead to Bobby no matter how you slice it. We spent hours on trying to decide if he was to be convicted of murder 1 or 2. We had two hold outs for murder 1 and thought we would be a hung jury. In the end it was pretty clear we all made the correct decision.

I'm not so certain I come to the same conclusion, but part of the reason for that is because of the proffered testimony of one Michael Racca -- that the Jury did not hear. And also given the suppressed Adjutant evidence of Officer Talbot's plain clothes shooting history as previously referenced, the Jury might have thought twice about who pulled the trigger first on that fateful day. In fact I'm almost certain the Jury would have recognized reasonable doubt at that point, and if someone else shoots first then it's all about self-defense, you have no time or safe place to retreat to, you're in a field about to get capped.

Anyway, I wonder how much longer some of these LE will be around. I foresee some personnel (and hopefully policy) changes on the Horizon.



Anonymous said...

"I foresee some personnel (and hopefully policy) changes on the Horizon"

Trust me, these cops will go on as usual and the sad thing is they will learn NOTHING from this tragedy.

Christopher King said...

The aftermath:

Who's going to trust anybody wearing a hoodie?

Worse yet, who's going to trust a Revere cop?

The shot heard 'round the World did in fact issue from Revere.

-The Editor.

Christopher King said...


Sorry didn't see your comment in the queue.

That's harsh but if the shoe fits... you gotta' call a spade a spade.


Anonymous said...

where was buxbaum an LE officer? Can we access transcript of his time on the stand (the videos are good, but we want more!)?

Christopher King said...


I dunno folks, I largely footed the bill for my time and efforts here and I'm pretty maxed-out right now so when it comes to ordering transcripts I'm All Set.

But ask the Major Press, they've got millions of dollars for legal review and journalistic follow-up of crucial cases ;)

-The KingCaster.

PS: The issue has come up as to what Juror number it was and whether it was really a Juror who posted that comment.

Look: I figured the Jurors would go straight to this blog when the trial was over so it only makes sense that some of them did. If someone is writing in and posing as a Juror, then they can burn in hell if they believe in an afterlife, that's all I can say.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't a real juror know that it's Heung not Hung???

Christopher King said...


Yes and no, some people put very little emphasis on spelling, and there is another subset of people who would put emphasis on it but are still bad at it. Those are like a Venn Diagram and not concentric circles, if you will.

Also the word 'hung' was on the writer's mind.

I could sit here as someone with a Rhetoric Minor in Communications and other experiences in writing for many media and pick on something like that -- it stands out to me -- but to many rational people it is a distinction without difference.


Anonymous said...

I guess i agree with the potential spelling error, however we did have the poster board with the names and the pictures of the B-Way crew (plus the "broker")shown in the courtroom numerous times.

P.S. Please, take your own picture next time

Christopher King said...


You lost me on the PS?

You mean I should have taken a picture of the board with the names on it?

I don't think I was in court yet when that was shown, I tried to photograph every single Exhibit as it came before me.


Anonymous said...

p.s outside of the courthouse????

Christopher King said...


Got it.



PS: Dig the DA's actions.

Anonymous said...

Soto is the one who should have been on trial. Remember what Iacoviello's lawyer said, keep in mind the way he fell and then tell me those boys shot him!

Christopher King said...

I know, right.

And to the extent that they allowed Officer Talbot to engage in conduct they know often leads to violence and death just about implies civil or criminal liability if not moral liability.