21 February 2010

DA Dan Conley screams at KingCast: "Are you a credentialed member of the press!"

Sam_Shaulson_gets_schooled_on_KingCast_credentials. Well Counselor yes I am, as a matter of fact, NENPA has seen to that. And you already knew I was credentialed by Judge Brady before you rudely asked me that question in the video, so I don't know what the problem is. I look forward to receipt of my Public Records Request about slain Revere Police Officer Dan Talbot's last official act within the timeframe allotted by Law. This means you have exactly two (2) days to respond as I hand delivered it to your office on 12 Feb. 2010.

But then again, you said "I don't have to talk to anybody," so with that attitude I'm not looking forward to seeing much from you unless I sue for it.


Anonymous said...

passes like that are a dime a dozen on ebay

Anonymous said...

vigroplez i watched the video the only one screaming was you

Christopher King said...

8:48 and 8:49

No, they are not. Mine is legitimate, unlike your "arguments."

And that is the specific body that granted Revere Journal reporter Seth Daniel his credentials and DA Conley turned and spoke to him.

Which is almost funny because DA Conley should have known that Seth Daniel and the Revere Journal have no problems with my credentials and even published my photographs, a FACT you cannot deny, no matter how much crap you talk.

Take a picture, it lasts longer.

Wanna see it again, son?

Plus, Seth's membership might even be expired, but sensible government employees -- who, like you, work for me -- don't play games as DA Conley did.

Also, if you think DA Conley actions were professional and mine were not, there is no hope for you.


-The KingCaster.


1. Where's the memo you promised? Wasn't that you?

2. Was Justin Barrett fired or not, Wasn't that you who asked, or just some other idiot whom I proved wrong?

Christopher King said...


And how would you even know or care about false press passes on Ebay?

Folks counterfeit money, airline tickets, and all kinds of dumb stuff.

But only dumb people follow it, care about it or even raise the issue in a situation like this.

Boy I've been writing news stories (Here's one about that Ohio Voter Fraud Jackass Ken Blackwell from 21 years ago) and winning trials probably before you could even pee straight, watch the video, fool.

And then I was the first blogger in New England to videotape most of a police murder trial, with the explicit permission of the Judge, so next to him, who in the hell do you think you are?

Nobody, that's who(m).

Jurors write me about their deliberations, boy and don't you forget it.



-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

vigroplez your whole life history be conterfeit an indeed only dumb people follow a leg peeing loud mouth, career flippin n floppin false information spewin hater a lil birdie says atty crivlocic bes in deep doo doo an gots hersef some splainin' to do about you

Christopher King said...


Career-flippin' huh? Lessee... Communications major, wrote for school papers, was assistant editor and writer for weekly and large daily, law school, won First Amendment trials, worked in Communications putting up cell towers, was employee of the week at American Tower in the award's second week (until I reported them to the Department of Labor, which agreed that my trainees were underpaid), changed First Amendment Law and Policy with Alderman Teeboom in Nashua, Mayoral First Amendment Certificate of Appreciation in Nashua, now a reporter covering police trials and whatever else I like.

I dunno guy, I see a First Amendment theme surfacing here, have you seen the name of the blog?

Attorney Crnilovic? Wouldn't know. Is someone from the BBO sharing information with you about something?

Do tell.

All I know is Massachusetts doesn't have a prohibition on suspended attorneys working under another attorney, so you'll have to 'splain what you talkin' bout Willis.

Meanwhile, my Public Information requests are updated for you here.

Let me know where you have found a NENPA press pass on eBay so I can notify NENPA as to the forgeries, thanks.

-The KingCaster.

PS: Nice try to minimize my versatility, i.e. "career flippin'" as you like to say.

Christopher King said...

Vigro what's I'm axin' is whether or not there's been a charging Petition of Misconduct, because otherwise it seems that if there is some BBO investigation going on, you have been privy to information to which you shouldn't be, or you work for the BBO itself, either way you're in the wrong, he-heh.


BBO Website.

Access to BBO information
Effective July 1, 1993, the SJC made significant changes to its rule governing the procedures for attorney discipline. The diciplinary proceedings now become public 20 days after a lawyer is served with a petition charging misconduct. The BBO posts a scheduling of hearings at its offices....

The BBO will confirm if a particular lawyer is currently licensed and registered to practice law. It will also confirm if a lawyer has been the subject of public discipline. As noted above, this includes the actions of public reprimands, suspension for a specific period of time, indefinite suspension and disbarment. Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly newspaper regularly publishes information regarding specific BBO disciplinary actions. The BBO will not read to the reporter specific quotes from SJC disciplinary orders nor will it provide copies of the orders. This information is obtainable from the clerk of the SJC. SJC disciplinary orders do not necessarily contain details of the specific act or acts for which the lawyer has been disciplined.

If a lawyer has been convicted of a crime, the BBO will likely schedule a hearing to determine if disciplinary action is in order. The BBO will furnish reporters with the date, time and location of the hearing and the hearing will be open to the public.

All the rest of the activities of the BBO are confidential. The BBO will not inform the press if a lawyer has been informally admonished or received a private reprimand. It will not confirm if a particular lawyer is, or has been, the subject of complaints or investigations.


You got dat homie?

You remind me a lot of a guy named Ditmar, he's a tool. Run a word search for him on this blog, ahem.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

And oh, since I know you are all-so-concerned about integrity you will want to report the breach of same to the BBO officials if there is indeed some sort of investigation going on.

Interesting so much concern over a friend helping out a friend on occasion, you're probably the same tool who observed that my name wasn't even listed as part of the firm because I wasn't.


-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...


I haven't heard back from you about the BBO Breach or the "dime a dozen" passes on eBay, I have not seen them there.

But I did see some damn Fugitive Recovery Badges for $15.95 right here.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

I put up a Public Service Announcement about the purportedly "Confidential" nature of BBO proceedings, thereafter I see the tool has gone on back out to the garden to finish some hoeing.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...


24 April 2010 and still no memo as promised from the heckler.