27 February 2010

KingCast says "Oh, the Days are Just Packed!!!"

SUNDAY UPDATE: No more pics or video until I finish my new post with video from tonight's Town Hall meeting with Governor Deval Patrick. He stood in and took some serious questions about a number of issues, including prison reform from Sarah Okolita and Yours Truly.

UPDATE: Hey I'm with the band, I'm the unofficial tennis coach!!! LOL..... DC & Kue Music Project tonight at Green Dragon. Pics and video coming. They will probably sync their audio with my video, it will be a blast. Next time I'll bring lighting. It was a pleasantly decadent evening :)

It's been quite the day here at KingCast networks, morning yoga & breakfast, a bike ride, a 2-hour board meeting for the new nonprofit (it rocks), a bike ride back in the rainy salty snow and a bike wash and wax at the hands of Mr. Nelson, a consummate professional detailer and avid biker himself. Somewhere along the way I talked to a pretty lady a little while ago, and I went to the post office at South Station and got to know more about Canon's Color Accent, as the reviewer says, it's about the baddest thing on two wheels :)

Listened to REM and Buju Banton, now there's a study in contrasts.

Related book: Calvin & Hobbes, thanks Em :)

KingCast says "Back to Bode.... Franconia had to give him some daps!!!"

Well they gave him some daps on his trifecta, but they sure didn't break the bank, as my pal Mickey deRham noted in our communications. Q-Tip could have made that in his basement in about half an hour, seriously. More on Bode and what his Cousin Liko Kenney said about him right here. He's definitely one of the best athletes in the World, watch him ski it off the curtain right here at :32. Simply awesome. Speaking of money, I gave to Franconia Youth Soccer last year but this year I'm thinking of a First Amendment writing contest, actually. All entries due by 11 May 2010.

For more about how Franconia works -- or doesn't work -- watch the short film "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts" at KingCast.net, and read the Casey Sherman book launch post for "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."

26 February 2010

KingCast presents: Great Music, Great People, Great Scenes at TT The Bears!

KingCast: The Cat in the Hat.

It was a Great Show.

KingCast says "It was Good Day Sunshine, Dog Day Afternoon!"

Soooo.... I got up, did some yoga, took some pictures, rode the 650R around and bought some chocolate croissants for my friend and me, where I met this really great lil' doggie. It was a Good Day Sunshine. But not for this fella, for him he allegedly stole some stuff from Stop'n'Rob, now he's going to jail, sorta' like Gregory Floyd, "Jr." did 'cos he's a thief just like his daddy, who stole a Virgin Mary Statue some time before he murdered Liko Kenney, IMO. Anyway, this guy didn't even get to scream "Attica!!! Attica!!!"

KingCast: It's awesome :)

PS: Little Floyd arrested on criminal trespass 15 Feb. 2010 read the comments.

Related post: "Put the guns down!"

KingCast goes bird hunting, or "Good Morning Sunshine!"

KingCast thanks DA Dan Conley and Attorney Janis DiLoreto Noble for prompt response on Public Records Request on Dan Talbot's last Official Act.

This is an update to this post from Tuesday, 23 Feb 2010 on several public records requests in NH and MA. I know the Concord Police Department is checking in too.

Counselor DiLorento Noble provided the Chelsea Court Docket numbers 0714CR3442 and 0714CR3443 relative to an alleged Civil Rights violation that Officer Talbot charged against William Settipane and Keith Rivers. I will now check to see if those records have been maintained, and follow up with Revere Police Chief Terence Reardon, naturally I copied him on the request so he will be ready to promptly respond as well.

That's The Deal. I'm a citizen. I'm a journalist with extensive legal background and knowledge and I ask questions. When I get disrespected I note it in video, and when the State does the Right Thing I note that as well. And to my detractors (and supporters) I can safely say given the state of several current negotiations that this is going to continue happening in Boston on a much larger scale, trust me on that.

It's KingCastic and we're Keeping it Real.

25 February 2010

KingCast presents: The Arlington, VA rap!

Truly funny stuff. At the Starbucks... or the Starbucks... or the Starbucks...

KingCast presents: Women we like -- T Whitlow and World by Maja.

Ms. Whitlow is one of my radio co-horts, and she sure is looking lovely in the current Improper Bostonian.
Ms. Maja makes some nice girly things including body butters, bath fizz, handmade glycerin soaps and some really crazy sweaters that she hand crafts from existing sweaters, scarves and well, whatever she feels like using! No pics of those online yet but I am told they are coming. I think that mountain rain soap will find a place in the bathroom, sounds like something the boys and girls can both enjoy.

For more on TWhitlow check the comments.

KingCast says cops like Bruce McKay and Joseph Gearty don't deserve roads named after them, they are backseat Civil Rights violators and torturers.

You can hear me tell NH Senate Sponsor Robert Letourneau all about it (YouTube video) in last year's Senate hearing, SB154 passed the Senate but that's because it was rammed through by LE, as noted by Franconia area Senator Gallus in this 14 Jan 2010 Union Leader story.
"Take a look at that bill," Gallus, a Republican from Berlin, said after yesterday's session. "There's not a sponsor within 100 miles of the North Country. That bill basically was pushed through by the law enforcement community, and that's fine to some degree. But the issue in the North Country has split that community in both Franconia and Easton for some time."

When it gets to the House it should be summarily shut down the same way that area Rep. Martha McLeod's attempt -- HB1428 -- was shut down 2 years ago after she lied and deceitfully tried to slip it through without telling ANYONE in North Country.

Bruce McKay tortured and tormented a woman with a knife near her privates while she was strapped into the back seat of his cruiser (she beat the DUI case BTW and wrote a 10 page complaint) and Franconia didn't even investigate it, and then AG's office lied to me and said they didn't have a receipt of that complaint when in fact they did have it and failed to act. Bruce McKay's blood is on their hands; the guy died in flagrante delicto, violating 7 pursuit and OC Spray policies as noted at Casey Sherman's book launch for "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."

From what I see in the UL comments section (said comment not having been removed as Defamatory) Trooper Gearty didn't get a road named after himself either, because he was engaged in similar back seat shenanigans -- with a belt around a prisoner's neck -- when he died.

As a former AAG, I abhor bad cops. They ruin it for everybody else who is out there busting their ass trying to do it the Right Way. There is an LE with whom I have vigorous disagreements (consonant with the purpose of the First Amendment of course) who said he would come to my next radio or TV spot and have an open discussion about these issues, I am moving to a new format and hope to see him soon.

24 February 2010

KingCast sees former DA Delahunt put it all on Braintree LE in Amy Bishop murder mess.

Here's your back story, but the video cuts off before Delahunt discusses her attempted grand theft auto and felonious assault matters down at the local Ford store.

KingCast Public Service Reminder, or Watching the Detectives: Investigations at the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers are supposedly confidential.

So the other day some tool wrote in and stated that a specific Attorney who is a friend of mine is being investigated. This I find fascinating because it represents a clear cut security breach and violation of protocol from the very quasi-State agency or organization purportedly in charge of policing Attorney protocol, so I says to the tool, I says:
Vigro what's I'm axin' is whether or not there's been a charging Petition of Misconduct, because otherwise it seems that if there is some BBO investigation going on, you have been privy to information to which you shouldn't be, or you work for the BBO itself, either way you're in the wrong, he-heh.

And it's really black and white, no two ways about it, here is the BBO Website.
Effective July 1, 1993, the SJC made significant changes to its rule governing the procedures for attorney discipline. The diciplinary(sic) proceedings now become public 20 days after a lawyer is served with a petition charging misconduct. The BBO posts a scheduling of hearings at its offices.

If a lawyer has been convicted of a crime, the BBO will likely schedule a hearing to determine if disciplinary action is in order. The BBO will furnish reporters with the date, time and location of the hearing and the hearing will be open to the public.

All the rest of the activities of the BBO are confidential. The BBO will not inform the press if a lawyer has been informally admonished or received a private reprimand. It will not confirm if a particular lawyer is, or has been, the subject of complaints or investigations.

It's fascinating: LE, the Government or quasi-government folks can violate the law, procedures and protocol (even remove spent casings from a crime scene) at their whimsy and without recompense, but let them get ahold of someone who challenges the system in any way and they will try to have them drawn and quartered at dawn and float "confidential" information on them.

KingCast: Watching the Detectives.

23 February 2010

KingCast applauds Bill Christy, Lower Slower Delaware for his candor about the fact that "he would have shot Bruce McKay as well."

Bill Christy, a/k/a Lower Slower Delaware is a former Government Attorney and one smart fella' who for some reason has done a 180 degree turn from his well-researched position, look what he wrote about shooting Bruce McKay. He even falsely accused me of offering someone cocaine and other drugs and whatnot.

But before he schizoided out being the knowledgeable expert he is, he gave the World this detailed chronology at Topix, to see the whole thing read the comments.
Had Kenney wanted to shoot officer McKay he had more than ample time to do it during the initial stop. There was no need for Cpl. McKay to "hit", "ram" or "push" Kenney's car he was backed in and stopped.

Why would an officer who knew that the suspect and he had "issues" before and who was being stopped for an alleged expired registration escalate the situation by ramming Kenney's car?

Then to just walk up and spray OC without saying a word further escalating he situation, makes no sense what so ever to anyone who is of reasonable and sound mind. Other law enforcement officers I know personally have stated the same thing, and not just ones from NH, but in MA, and DE, and several MPs as well.

Query which LE did you speak with who stated the same thing in NH, MA and DE?

You know when I send a copy of this post to all of the House Members they're going to want to know the same thing before they vote on SB 154.

PS: Casey Sherman reports that there may be some Big News coming about Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains. More news within a couple of weeks. Here's a ton of information about the case at his Book Launch.

21 February 2010

DA Dan Conley screams at KingCast: "Are you a credentialed member of the press!"

Sam_Shaulson_gets_schooled_on_KingCast_credentials. Well Counselor yes I am, as a matter of fact, NENPA has seen to that. And you already knew I was credentialed by Judge Brady before you rudely asked me that question in the video, so I don't know what the problem is. I look forward to receipt of my Public Records Request about slain Revere Police Officer Dan Talbot's last official act within the timeframe allotted by Law. This means you have exactly two (2) days to respond as I hand delivered it to your office on 12 Feb. 2010.

But then again, you said "I don't have to talk to anybody," so with that attitude I'm not looking forward to seeing much from you unless I sue for it.

KingCast says congrats to Bode Miller.

Some folks don't realize, he's always worked hard. Sometimes he played too hard, but you know that's life. And oh, until today he hadn't won a Gold in the Olympics.

And Bjorn Borg never won a U.S. Open, and John McEnroe lost the French to Ivan Lendl, whatever. Liko Kenney said in this video that when he's on, he's the best athlete in the World. That's a claim hard to qualify or quantify, but let's just say... he's wayyyyy up there. Read the comments to see that he even shocked Tommy Moe :) Well the difference is that at least now, as opposed to both of those aforementioned legends, Bode can honestly say "I did it all."

KingCast says "Hi Puss'n'Boots!" (Or, working at the carwash.....)

20 February 2010

KingCast post for Cousin Mike: "Tiger does what Mark McGwire should have done, and does it poorly."

Hey Wilbon,

It was so disgusting, I'm trying to eat my lunch yesterday at Samurai Boylston when I see Tiger woods up there, stammering and reading blankly from a page of prepared text. I'm like, Look man: You screwed up some stuff with your family and friends, Big Time. That matter is between you and them. And unlike Mark McGwire I am not aware of anything he has done that adversely effects the game of golf per se, and you don't see him up there making an ass of himself.

Query, where were the speech analysts when McGwire spoke and gave his half-assed apology? I didn't see nearly as many as I did when Tiger spoke yesterday.....

Tiger, who is handling you? Grow a pair, or extract them from whatever tawdry ho you were last hookin' up with against your pretty wife, and fire them immediately. All you had to do with your black ass yesterday was meet the press and say:
"I was a douchebag to my family and I am working on that matter with them. For you children who look up to me as a role model, I am sorry if I let you down, but that's not my job. Now I'll hand the microphone over to Mark McGwire for his public apology about cheating on the integrity of baseball and lying about steroid use."
This crap is so stupid, I'm not even showing a picture of either of these two men, instead enjoy the short video of some table tennis I switched to. Mike that's for you, Don, my father and me, remember those epic basement battles!!! LOL :)

Hey Sam Shaulson I've got a new picture of your corporate scum-sucking rat pig client, Citibank!

Little fella' didn't even have a decent TARP to cover himself with as he slid toward Death. Citibank is still kinda' covered, kinda' not.

19 February 2010

KingCast tells misogynist hater Boston LE... "Come on into my next radio show so we can discuss firefighters, cocaine, ballistics, racism, sexism..."

But whatever you do, don't be a punk and trash talk and then fail to appear, like these tools from a January TOUCH 106.1 FM broadcast, ahem.

KingCast responds to a misogynist hater who says "Justin Barrett was never fired, he's policing in Mattapan."

The hater is noted in para. 2.
Okay, so if Justin Barrett was never fired, and is on tour of duty in Mattapan, then that means that LE Commissioner Davis lied to us, and this is something that, what, you are proud of? That guy is so stupid he can't even string two sentences together without grammatical error, it's a wonder how he fills out his tickets. Did you know that failure to fill out tickets properly and bringing false charges can result in getting your ass handed to you in a Criminal Trial and attendant Civil Actions? Yah, just ask my client Michael Isreal and Officers Rhodes and Hensley, watch the video they weren't fired either, despite the FACT that I got them found liable for making Mr. Isreal a victim of violent crime after 4 years of litigation, you want me to send you a memo on Court of Claims case #V1996-61481? See that's part of the problem in American is meathead pigs like that ruining life for the Good Ones. Bruce McKay was not, sadly, a Good One. Kind of like Firefighter Joey Fasano, still not charged with cocaine possession even though it was right there on his face during that Quincy "road rage" incident, which is very similar to yet another one last week by Lieutenant "Soused" Souza, ahem.

BTW I've got a bigger radio show and cable TV coming so I'll have you on as a guest, and we can discuss this in front of a much larger audience, I'll let you known when, so don't punk out when it's time for the gettin' on.

Perhaps you are proud of the lies and violations of protocol by NH and MA LE as set forth in this post, you know, really difficult concepts like "put the guns down" and "don't pick up the shell casings."

Let's see how the Bruce McKay SB154 hearings go at the House, where the same concept was put down 2 years ago. I'm sure you love my YouTube discussion with Senator Letourneau who repeatedly interrupted me until I set him straight on the First Amendment. See you there, tool. And BTW get your own word, I started that one here.

And you failed to comment on whether or not you believe Trooper Todd Landry (now promoted to F Troop Lieutenant dude) was "being an ass" when he asked for Maura Murray's phone records, and Willis you ain't never 'splained w'happened to the "Discovery" package that disappeared in Ryan Hartford's case. You know what I'm talkin' 'bout Willis, it was that matter that All-So-Important that Bruce McKay had to discharge his OC Spray in a public building and sent an innocent girl to the hospital. But you don't care about her, she's just another b*tch needs put in her place, like Ms. B, huh?

I saw you today during my morning skate, there you are in the third picture. You were in your stinking element, headed for the trash with the other bad apples who ruin it for the Good Ones:

Send the Hell's Angels memo to 617.262.6265 and send me a comment to let me know you sent it. You got any other memos that validate the protocol of sticking knives toward women's privates, as in Ms. B's complaint? Nope. But I got me some memos and protocol that define what Bruce McKay was supposed to do with regard to OC Spray and pursuit, and he violated 7 or 8 of them. Newbies read them here. But I'm sure you don't agree with that assessment either despite the written policies in the comments. Because you're a tool. What's next jackass, you're going to actually figure out the difference between a possessive pronoun and a contraction, LOL.

Shortly after that you'll 'splain to me how Billy Soto's spent casing wound up on that there Gatorade bottle without searing it, he-heh. I'm sure it happened just like that. Tool.

18 February 2010

KingCast says, "Feel the Fire!"

Perfect. Damn, that's when them n*****s was sahngin' and sahngin'.....

And OTOH, there's always Ween!

They both rock, I wasn't old enough to see Peabo at the top of his game, but I did see Ween at the top of theirs and OMFG what a show that was ;)

KingCast says "Kudos to Dan Conley in Southie arson murder conviction."

Just down the road from me (exactly 1 mile), on a street I pass several times a week, two beautiful young girls died as a result of poor lifestyle choices and the beastly actions of one Nicole Chuminski, who actually SET FIRE to a row house out of spite and anger against their mother, Anna Reisopoulos. Here is an excellent Boston Globe editorial by Peter Gelzinis on that. Sophia and Acia Johnson were pretty much born into a life of hell, and they in turn died a hellish death.

People say I'm hard on Dan, but only when he deserves it. When he does good (well) I say so.

KingCast says Maura Murray, Dow Murders and Liko Kenney's cases hint at a much larger issue of police and government malfeasance in NH.

Well......First off, watch the KingCast short film "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts" and then watch the KingCast/Coruway Film Institute short film "Liko Kenney in the pre Bruce-McKay era."

There's a mouth-breathing misogynist jackass writing in to this post about Kelly Ayotte's malfeasance (read more in the comments here about her dereliction of duties and deviations from norm in the Franconia shooting tragedy) lately so I thought I would share his "perspective" with everyone.

Lookit fool: I showed you just the other day how police who violate explicit AG policies keep their jobs. "Don't pick up the shell casings" means exactly that, do you comprehend that you idiot, or is it all too much for you? I showed you through SAABS and through my friend Karen and her phenomenal website (Dow Murders) and through State Rep Renny Cushing's HB430 how the Dow Murders got "overlooked." And I showed you about Maura Murray, and the government unlawfully denying public information to her father Fred. See Murray v. State of NH Grafton 2006 - 113 or 913 A.2d 737 (N.H. 2006) Here is the Notice of Appeal

Here are links to excellent features in the Caledonian Record and Trooper Todd Landry's thoughts on the cell phone call that was made to her shortly before her disappearance and purported accident. NBC News' Elizabeth Fischer asked the relevant question "How could a young woman be at the site of a car crash one moment and simply vanish the next?"

This jackass even has bad things to say about Trooper Todd Landry after he wrote up Bruce McKay after McKay had a spaz-out over a couple of bikers at Hillwinds Motor Inn who weren't even doing anything wrong, whether the jackass wants to admit that or not. See para. 8 herein. So I says to the jackass, I says:
Query, was Todd Landry being an ass when he was searching for information on the cell phone records for Maura Murray?

Not to mention Bruce McKay coming after Ryan Hartford with such a vendetta that he blew open the OC Spray spigot at Profile and sent an innocent girl to the HOSPITAL. Read my interview excerpt with Mr. Hartford noting that Bruce McKay and the State "misplaced" the discovery in that "case" against Mr. Hartford and the charges were dismissed. Ah-hummm...Something fishy in Denmark on that one, too. But to Kelly Ayotte, he's a hero.

PS: Topix entry from Tom Conrad's nephew Who killed North Haverhill Trooper Thomas Conrad? Was Bruce McKay the Dexter of the North Country? Or maybe it was Floyd, working for him on one of his "43 Kills," so Ayotte's Office puts up a "We don't know what happened" website entry and calls it a day because Floyd was her hero, too. Tom McCain, shilling for Ayotte, that's a joke, she's worse than Sarah Palin.

Bonus round: Patric McCarthy.

17 February 2010

KingCast presents: Ice racing the 650R!

KingCast: Ushering in spring through the power of positive thinking. Hence the green bordering, natch.

PS: Well that plus the fat contract I just signed with Kawasaki for the ice-racing/Civil Rights tour, go Team Green! ;)

KingCast responds to Juror comment at Revere Journal: It was a lucky day for Edmond Zabin.

Here is the Juror's comment posted in "Policing the Police" amongst the running commentary and my response noting it was a lucky day for Prosecutor Edmond Zabin. It is all flashed in the comments. I will say this again to be clear: I did not have a horse in this race, but it is remarkable that the State was able to pull a conviction based on the set of facts it was working with. While Peter Krupp is an awesome attorney, Zabin is the awesome-est 'cos he can win a trial with bad facts in his sleep!

I always had to stay awake to win mine :)

16 February 2010

KingCast tries a new sour curry mix!

Cous cous, baby bok, ginger, garlic, shallots, zucchini, squash, the Usual Suspects. Baby bok shot on basic macro setting.