25 January 2010

Sooo.... Mr. King, you plan to sell your in-court video and observation services to law firms as a consultant?

Well.....In a word, sure. The legal profession is saddled with more luddites then you can shake a stick at, heck today at Judge Brady's courtroom today one local and quite solid attorney confessed that s/he finally got the hang of email recently -- and the entire legal system is kind of slow, in general, to embrace the merits of new technology. While the Federal Court system initiated electronic filing years ago, it is done in such a way that it's kind of prohibitive to the small firm and sole practitioner. I know this, having scanned hundreds of pages on a case with Scott Lathrop, Esq.

But with today's technology even the small firms can afford to construct a blog and have video presentations. The Big Firms might hire the Big Guns with the mega-dollar cameras, but on a decent day with good lighting my product is of a Good Quality and my background in trial law gives me an edge over most video guys who haven't a clue what the salient issues are at trial, or how to best compose a photograph to highlight a particular exhibit, or when to catch a lawyer or witness at their best or worst moment.

Whatever I end up doing, it's going to be fun, and shouldn't life be fun :)

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