04 January 2010

Revere Daniel Talbot murder case begins amidst controversy over Police attire.

Well awwwwwrighty then, here is today's Boston Herald story. I spoke with Defendant Iacoviello's Attorney, Peter B. Krupp this morning, who informs that they are still selecting a Jury. Here is what I have to say:

Query, were the cops wearing their uniforms while they were busy breaking the law? If not, then why wear them now?

There is something fishy in Denmark. You need to look at the entire history of the case, and even if it was a cold-blooded murder (which I tend to doubt) have there ever been any toxicology tests run on the LE and girlfriend who were breaking the law? What, still no punishments for LE who were drinking all day, brandishing weapons and drinking and potentially doing drugs at the schoolyard? Smells like the same gloss-over that's going down with reportedly coke-faced Jake Joey Fasano.

If it was a cold-blooded murder then those facts will be adduced at trial and the punishment should be the maximum permitted by Law.

Anyway, at least they fired Evan Franklin, what a complete waste of taxpayer money he was. See the TOUCH 106.1 FM Disorder in the Court post and an April, 2008 post from this blog.

Just the facts, please.


Anonymous said...

Consider: If Iacovella had been killed, would Talbot be on trial or would it have been considered a case of self defense?

Christopher King said...

A good comment.

Talbot would have drawn a pass immediately.

Run a word search for "Liko Kenney" or "book launch" on this blog.

-Christopher King, J.D.

Anonymous said...

I found it interesting that the prosecution account is that Talbot drew his gun only after being shot in the head. That suggests his gun was indeed drawn.

Again, if the roles were reversed Talbot would have gotten a commendation, not a trial. If talbot drew first and did not annonce himself as police, isn't there a good case for self defnse?

It will be interesting to see if the defense produces medical testimony as to whether Talbot could have drawn his weapon AFTER being shot in the head. If they do, it will be interesting to see how things transpire.

Christopher King said...


Indeed it is fascinating.

I'll be out there tomorrow or Monday to check things out.


Christopher King said...

Funny that kind of dovetails with my comment that they weren't wearing uniforms on the night in question, so why wear them now.

And because they were not wearing their uniforms it really doesn't make sense that they would be out there drinking and violating the law, and then identify themselves as police....

Sure as hell wasn't an undercover mission, you typically don't spend all day drinking at Margaritas before you do those.....

Wonder if it was a drug deal gone sour?

Wonder if that's why home boy Ervin ran off (again) as a puppy that peed itself.


I mean, really, draw a weapon after you were shot in the head, that's remarkable.....

What was the caliber of the bullet, and where exactly did it strike Officer Talbot?

I'll be looking into that.

-The Editor.

Anonymous said...

If it is determined to have been medically impossible or improbable for him to draw a weapon given his wounds that creates some problems for the prosecution.

It is unlikely, though, that Iacoviello's attorney will allow him to testify so it is unclear who the defense could call to refute claims that Talbot drew his weapon only after being shot.

Simply having an MD say it is improbable is not as strong as Iacoviello or Lodi saying that in fact Talbot drew first.

Again, it will be a very interesting trial.

Keep up the good fight(s), Chris. I'm still watching to see if Liko's windshield bullet ever gets addressed.

One sufficiently stubborn and tenacious and brave person will always make more of difference in the world than one hundred (or one million) spectators.

Anonymous said...


The last paragraph in the story has some details which, if true, bolster the self-defense scenario.

Christopher King said...

Revere Journal:

The Talbot Case – Murder trial begins
Thursday, January 7, 2010
By Journal Staff

The Talbot murder trial is finally underway in Suffolk Superior Court.

We hope that this trial will finally and forever determine the true events that took place late on a summer night more than 2 years ago on the ball field behind Revere High School.

It was on that ball field that Revere Police Officer Daniel Talbot was shot to death.

We want this trial to establish exactly what happened, right down to who exactly pulled the trigger, what weapon exactly was used, who were the true perpetrators of this ghastly crime?

It is important and it is right that justice must be done in this case that has taken so long to come to trial.

The innocent must be let free.

The criminals must be made to suffer.

KJ said...

Chris, we've corresponded before. I posted a blog entry about Dan right after he was murdered. I'll say it again: After he was murdered.

I've read your blog and tend to be in your corner on a lot of your issues. But..I knew Dan and his fiancee Connie. They were/are good people..to the core. It makes me sick to read all this speculation and hear that somehow, Dan, not yet thirty years old, somehow brought it on. Nobody deserves what happened to him. He was/is a good soul and deserves respect. Ironically, he is the guy who would take a bullet for you or anyone unfairly under fire.

Christopher King said...

Hi KJ,

If you'll notice I haven't said a single bad word about Officer Talbot other than his choice of activities on that particular day.

I've asked around and determine that a Bruce McKay, he was not.

Perhaps he was murdered and perhaps it was self-defense, or perhaps it was manslaughter, this is such an ugly situation and case, and his peers and the upper echelon do him NO FAVORS by their (in)actions, especially that douchebag Evan Franklin.

Keep reading all of my updated posts, I will be at trial as often as I can, and when the State has its go against the Defense witnesses I'll be sure to post up the results of that as well.

I know before it's all over with I will look at Officer Talbot's mother straight in the eye and tell her "I am sorry for your loss," same goes for Ms. Bethell.

The whole thing sucks.


PS: It is two ll's right? I've seen it both ways WBZ had one L and I got castigated for repeating it.

Anonymous said...

Reading the Revere Twitters today made me realize that the defendants will most likely walk and based on those readings, rightfully so! Do defendants like this kid get relocated? He most certainly won't want to live in that area or anywhere near it should he be acquitted! This whole case really stinks!

Christopher King said...

Yah life will be hell for the Defendant in Revere if he is acquitted. As I say I dunno, could go either way but as usual, and as I note in this 31 Jan Post, the State was its own worst enemy.

For that matter I'm kinda' crossing it off the long list of day vacations spots, more than a few people have told me some of the LE are just as racist as this tool:

Revere man charged with racist, threatening graffiti
By adamg - 3/27/09 - 9:29 am

A man already facing numerous gun charges was arraigned today on new charges that he spray-painted racist graffiti and a call to assassinate the president on a black man's house, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

John Sieckarski, 49, had his bail on the gun charges revoked following his arraignment in Chelsea District Court this morning, the DA's office says.

Sieckarski, arrested on 22 counts of illegal gun possession and improper gun storage in November, is charged with spray painting a former neighbor's house with a variety of anti-black slogans, including one advising him to die, and another declaring that Barack Obama should be "assinated" (sic).

The DA's office says it is considering civil-rights charges and that the Secret Service has been notified.

Innocent, etc.