31 January 2010

Meanwhile back in New Hampshire, KingCast sees Dave Coltin still standing strong on videotape destruction.

UPDATE FOR YOU LANDRIGAN READERS: Read this post comparing Kelly Ayotte to Martha Coakley, two peas lying in a pod.

Here's an unbelievable case (the idiots at Scribd removed my full document scan I have mentioned several times. The well-respected firm of Devine, Millmet even noted that the DA and the Rockingham Police acted inappropriately in destroying a video that would have allowed him to sue for malicious prosecution of a bogus stalking charge by his baby's mamma, he was at her house for his agreed-upon visitation. Here is Mr. Coltin's NH Insider chat board discussion.

I will next update you (maybe today) on the idiot LE who shot each other at a closed credit union in Concord, NH, and who were exonerated in all of their actions by that idiot AG and Senate hopeful Kelly Ayotte, naturally.

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