21 January 2010

KingCast says, whomever is trying to figure out how popular this blog is, don't worry. It will only get bigger :)

I've never actively marketed KingCast or Chris King's 1st Amendment Page. That is about to change. For now, keep on watching the Dan Talbot murder trial here and over at the sister site, TOUCH FM BOSTON Blog.

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Christopher King said...

I spend a lot of time researching who is researching me and what they read. Someone recently ran a popularity search on me. Anyway, I'll never divulge the identity or IP addy of anyone who comes in peace.


-The KingCaster.

PS: There is a definite Internet mafia and I'm not part of it. Daily Kos, Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground, Eugene Volokh, all a bunch of fairly conservative white guys who are cool in their own way, but definitely not doing what I'm doing. Let's just say we have different approaches and different flavors, but they sure as hell are not in the courtrooms taking compelling pictures of key witnesses :)

As to analytical prowess there are different styles there, both of them completely valid.

I remember Evan told me years ago "Get your own blog, Mr. King."

Well dammit Evan, that's exactly what I did, now I'm the first Blogger in Boston to capture stills and have authority to shoot video in a murder trial.

Still have to wait for the Big Media to clear out but that is the Next Frontier:

A blog feed and a major media feed for video and stills. No way can it always be about the Big Guns.

-The KingCaster.