22 January 2010

KingCast raw video presents: Dan Talbot murder trial 22 Jan. 2010 -- Jagerbombs and niggerbombs!

Another crazy case: Big racist white men with history of violence attack a black boy with bottles and Ronnie Barlow shoots a bully named Robert Lockwood. Self-defense did not work in that case but Barlow had a poor (read: virtually nonexistent) defense.

PREQUEL: Sergeant Evan Franklin was hammered and ran from a Bad Scene, once again.

NOTE: The Jagermeister testimony is coming later tonight. You should see the look on Officer Brazzese's face when she looks at the Margarita's check and it's like $130 for a handful of people. What irritates me is that I think 8 Jagermeister shots were ordered but nobody seems to remember doing any except her and Sergeant Franklin I believe admitted he did at least one. C'mon guys if you want the Jury to convict you have to start being honest because otherwise you're just wasting taxpayer monies. Plus you should be honest anyway, right.

Judge Brady listened intently as former LE and current Homeland Security contractor Joshua Buxbaum described the only clear word that he heard from his window at 1:30 am 29 September 2007 out behind the Revere High School where Dan Talbot lay dying:

"The word nigger was used."
Meanwhile Officer Stacy Brazzese admitted she and others were knocking back the Jagermeisters, in addition to whatever else everybody had that fateful night.
"Your group (of 5-6 I believe) ordered 29 different drinks at Margaritas"
said Attorney Krupp.

"And you never identified yourself or anyone else as a police officer, did you."

Lovely. So not only were they acting like thugs, they were making racist thug statements. As a former AAG I am saddened by the Death of Officer Talbot, but I'm bloody well pissed as well and I have every right to be. So does every American, with this type of activity and racism. Citibank is most definitely racist, but I didn't expect this out of other LE. Vids coming tonight and tomorrow.

After lunch the State called in Statey Brian J. Canavin to testify about class and individual microscopic traits that the state contends conclusively show that the two 9MM casings found furthest away from the bleachers were in fact from the Hi-Point model that was reassembled from the sewer. He identified reamer chatter, and the unique handmade nature of a Hi-Point that yields certain definitive characteristics of a Hi-Point 9MM including 9 lands and grooves with a left twist in the barrel and he claimed the bullet fragment (almost but not quite visible in Prosecutor Zabin's outstretched gloved hand to the jury) was reflective of such a barrel.

I will be uploading video where he notes that he was unable to reach any degree of certainty regarding the individual characteristics of the bullet fragment that caused the fatal wound to Officer Talbot. He could only say that the size/weight/mass were consistent with ammunition that could be fired from the Hi-Point. Also, he could not establish the approach angle of the bullet hole in Officer Soto's bumpah' (see the blue rod) because of too many variables including the flat tire, possible deflection of the projectile on entry, etc. etc. so they can't tell if Officer Talbot or Soto fired that .40 cal round.

He was a solid and quite likable witness and I told the State that at the close of testimony. Now it is up to Attorney Krupp to refute that science when testimony resumes on Monday. At this point it appears that the State is almost 1/3 of the way home:

The fatal bullet might be linked to the Hi-Point. Assuming arguendo that the Jury buys that, there is the rest of the journey: Second, the Hi-Point has to be in Robert Iacoviello's hands and third, he must possess the specific more accurately, requisite intent to commit murder. That's going to be quite the Journey; to prepare for the ride I'll pack lots of sushi in a cooler with some of grandma's pimento sandwiches!

PS: It's all about my parents and Mother Ann, to whom my life's work is dedicated. Gosh I can't believe how young I looked at my '93 law school graduation, LOL. The ravages of time, and of fighting The Man will take it out on you!!! Anyway thank you, love you, love you thank you for letting me have the Audacity of Hope to believe I could craft my own World, and that is happening right now in more ways than this. No further comment -- loose lips sink ships.

-Your Son.


Christopher King said...

I think there is a high-speed YouTube upload that I did not purchase, but the vids are already uploading.

They will take several hours in total but the first one should be up around 9:15 and every half-hour subsequent; I'm going with 4-5 tonight and the Jagermeister one I may have to re-shoot off the Mac.

Judge Brady is a great Judge from what I've seen. Firm but so attentive and so reasonable.

If they had more like him there would have been no need for Boston Bob.

-The KingCaster a/k/a Boston Bob.

Christopher King said...

YouTube is dragging booty so I had plenty of time to write the intro for these videos that will be labeled in seriatim, like my favorite McEnroe vids, here are some from '82 when he had the original (wooden) Maxply McEnroe.

Fast forward to the point at 5:45, precision tennis -- he just completely owned Wilander. Dryesdale cracks me up "that's vintage McEnroe there...." IN 1982 for crissakes!!!


KingCast raw video: Revere cop Dan Talbot murder trial #1

This is hard core, avant garde real world First Amendment skunk from a former reporter/editor, former AAG & practicing Civil Rights lawyer who began shooting video of his own trials back in 1996. Everybody can do it, bloggers are gaining strength in our position as legitimate members of the Fourth Estate.

In fact, we’re often more legitimate than the major media and we can afford the time to pay attention to the details. Granted, I have a unique skill set and knowledge base, but that’s why I here to share it out in the open so everyone can use the knowleged -- so we can Keep on Keepin’ on as my Mother Ann would say, and Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World as Neil Young would say ;)
-The KingCaster.


Anonymous said...

Chris! Don't miss the chance to tell the world. Corporations can give unlimited $$ to political campaigns. Corporations are people too? Don't miss the chance to fathom the laviathon of money'd politics. Dig deeper. This statement has not been approved by the chamber of newspeak. Fire sale on freedom - -

Christopher King said...

YouTube nicely thwarting my best efforts to upload the Buxbaum and Canavin vids, even though I have re-shot them on DIFFERENT CARDS.

Vedddy interesting, looks like those will go up tomorrow morning, I've never seen this happen before.



Christopher King said...


I know, I know quick.... get Citibank on the horn... they've got plenty of money from those Mexican drug lords who were buddies with U.S. Government Officials....


Read the linky.

Or read the General Accounting Office (GAO)-drafted Salinas pictograph featuring dirtbag Fred Tokars -- you know, take a picture, it lasts longer, eh hosehead!


Anonymous said...

How can the State put the Hi-Point in Bobby's hand? Would the statements of Tommy and Johnny be enough to prove it? If you were Attorneys Krupp and Davis, would you rest your case directly after X/E of the State's final witness?

Anonymous said...

I thought video cameras were forbidden in the court room? King, can you answer this? Are they allowed in the court room?

Christopher King said...

Well I'm sure they will move for a Directed Verdict, which will likely be denied.

As to the Ultimate Question you ask, however, I can't say because I don't know what cards they are holding.

It's the worst feeling in the World (and opens up malpractice litigation and ineffective assistance of counsel claims) if there is good material out there and it is not used, and you don't put a witness on, and you lose.

Again, this is a very general observation and not applied to this case.

So yah, I wussed out on the Answer, I admit it ;)


Christopher King said...

Well I use a really small, microscopic camera that mounts inside my eyeglasses. It is triggered to focus and zoom by brain impulses so the Court has no idea who I am and I get to keep on doing it.

Nah, just kidding. As we know, some of Revere's finest like to keep track of their "niggers" so they would know if I was violating the court rules, 'shizzle. I'll be sure to obey all posted speed limits on the bike next time I head past Revere Beach after hearing that comment at trial, you bet.

Cameras are not allowed in Federal Court, in due course I will file a Petition for that and get denied, just want to do it to get it in writing.

You really need cameras, and clips longer than a nanosecond, to get the full feel of a trial. This week we will get the full feel of the X/E of the Defendant's witnesses as well.

That's how it works, who cares about direct testimony, I've spoken to jurors post trial and to a man or woman they all tell me that they decide a case based on X/E over direct, only makes sense, right?

-The KingCaster.

PS: Surely you have seen the big station's video clips and pictures of this case on TV and online, right? I find it interesting that they have much more capacity to run a couple of feature-length cases per month and offer extended video sequences but they choose not to.

Which is fine by me because I'm going to build my business shooting courtroom video of compelling trials.

KingCast: 21st Century Civil Rights.

Christopher King said...

Also I don't need anyone putting words in my mouth. Here is my exact position on the friendly fire issue and the ultimate issue of G or NG:

I'm not so sure that it was friendly fire but until the State put its witness (Canavin) on, there was a much higher presumption that it could have been.

Let's see what Krupp and crew can do with Canavin Monday on the general characteristics of the bullet pulled from Officer Talbot. Canavin said that it had the general characteristics of a projectile fired from a Hi-Point 9mm with 9 lands and groves with a left-hand twist.

I'll have a fresh video card at the ready.

As noted in the newer post, the State has to do more than show that bullet that killed Officer Talbot didn't come from friendly fire, they gotta' show that it came from a gun held in Robert Iacoviello's hand and that he had the requisite intent to commit murder.

This is why the Defense is going to focus on the clothing, i.e. everybody had hoodies and looked like youth.

And since everybody looked like youth and the LE never identified themselves as such, if Mr. Iacoviello saw other youth coming toward him in a "heated" fashion with guns drawn (assuming the State can put the gun in his hands) then that puts him in a possible self-defense mode.

And everyone has admitted that Officer Talbot was "heated."

Furthermore if Mr. Iacoviello saw Soto's gun too (which Soto admitted was visible) -- Zabin should have objected to that question but it's too late now -- then if he freaked out and pulled a trigger, even if he fired first, Krupp will argue it was self-defense.

He came along with others to settle a turf issue and wanted a gun for protection, but wasn't thinking of actually using it.

Those are the issues folks, how the Jury comes out on it is anyone's guess.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

very disrespectful doing Jager shots during the officer's testimony.

and nobody know's who said "nigger", why are you blaming cops?

Christopher King said...


I'll do whatever the hell I want to do and you won't stop me.

Also, what is disrespectful is grown LE drinking in cars and doing Jagerbombs and toting LOADED WEAPONS around.

Query, at that mental health hospital you keep saying I should be at, do they offer treatment for alcoholism and substance abuse?

And if it wasn't the LE who said nigger -- and it certainly seemed to be by the temporal nature of the testimony involved, then you should be yelling at Attorney Zabin to get that witness recalled to 'splain it to the Jury, Willis because the black and whites on the Jury were not diggin' it one bit, and they most definitely inferred that it was coming from the LE.

Do you have Attorney Zabin's number?

Better just tell him at trial.


As Bruce McKay used to say on his license plate: GOTCHA!

Watch me discuss the matter of the Franconia shooting tragedy at Bridgewater College, fool.

My personal plates read: CIVL RTS.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...


In the lunchtime snack yesterday, 27 Jan 2010 I clarified the niggerbomb.

"I am somewhat relieved to discover that Michael Racca, life long friend of Derek Lodie, testify that it was Lodie who used the work "nigger" in response to the derogatory comments from the bleachers issued by Officer Talbot. "Fuck you crab-assed niggers" was the actual phrase as stated before the Grand Jury. I'm somewhat relieved because the actions of the officers on that night were bad enough without the added specter of racism.

As for Lodie, I don't know... and it's hard to know because LeAnn Kraft testified that Officer Soto straight up told her that it was the kid who passed through and returned who fired the gun. That kid would be Derek Lodie. Details, pictures and videos throughout the evening. NOTE: Kraft video is damaged on card and will not load to computer. Will have to play it through TV late night or first thing in the morning and capture it from a second camera."

.....So there you go.

-The KingCaster.