19 January 2010

KingCast presents: Martin Luther King Day part deux -- From North Country, avec les cadeaux for the NH House and Parole Board!

What a wonderful year that we get to celebrate the life of one of the World's leading Civil Rights pioneers here in Boston as well as Franconia, NH. That's Lafayette Summit peeking through the clouds yesterday with amazing alacrity, the same sort of alacrity that's going to be present when we present the dozens of signatures being gathered in North Country right now against SB154, Bruce McKay Highway. Yep, the message to the House -- that they were correct two years ago when they tabled Martha McLeod's HB 1428.

See we almost didn't hear about this and would have missed it were it not for the keen eye of Chris Macaulay, who pinged me up just as the measure was quietly heading to full vote. For the back story on the NH Senate end-around the will of the people, check this post and video, I'll tell you it's like a never-ending train wreck. I'm certain that my namesake would honor most police and firefighters as a matter of presumption, but certainly not when they misbehave like Bruce McKay or Joey Fasano (live radio coverage of Quincy cocaine "road rage" shooting here).

This is Martin Luther King Day #1

PS: Gregory Floyd's parole hearing echoed his history as a threatening person, as AJ Boisvert recalled him telling her: "He could kill [me] 'and nobody would ever find me.'"

And last week he was found guilty of resisting arrest and criminally threatening a Grafton County Sheriff's Department deputy relative to yet another courtroom outburst.

Previously, on NH Law and Disorder, Floyd threatened to send an administrative assistant home in a body bag for now reason whatsoever. I know because I interviewed the personnel involved. Many Floyd docs you probably have not seen (you sure as hell won't see them in major media) are JPEG'd right here. Some are no longer hosted and have to be re-scanned but you get the picture. The body bag document is no longer hosted but it's all part of Police Chief Every's Affidavit I posted.

Observe the screen captures of this maniac lunging at me and attacking others up close, but he's Kelly Ayotte's "hero," nice.

cc: AJ Boisvert, Nicole Desmarais, the Parole Board.

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