15 January 2010

KingCast, Maxwell Smart cannot save man from committing suicide on Redline train.

Max heard it was going down but he didn't have his iPhone so he ran into headquarters, got my digits and headed toward South Station, calling me in desperation from a Chinatown pay phone..... I was walking up the street with 99; she and I had bought some Zywiec beers at the corner store, so we dropped everything and ran to the nearest T Stop but alas.... it was too late. The subject had ingested several mouthfuls of McDonald's dead cow and bacon, so all we could do was cordon off the crime scene and fumigate the affected areas with grandma's home mixture of frankincense, lemon, chamomile, napalm and a dash of proprietary industrial grade solvent; notify the next of kin. Hey 99 you sure are looking good these days -- thank you for your presence :)

Smart: Canon D5 IS, ISO 1600 on the bus 5 seats back.
Suicide stunt-man: iPhone, .0005 MegaPixel, redline at South Station, no flash ripoff piece of junk.

PS: Some folks say I'm all work and no play but that makes Jack a dull boy, my top ranking as a Constitutional/Civil Rights Law blogger notwithstanding. Thanks guys, I really appreciate that -- this is so often a thankless pursuit :)

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Christopher King said...

Today's cameras are amazing. I in fact sneezed during the phone booth shot and the bus hit a bump at the same time.

Yet there is the picture, rock steady.

Noisy as hell, but in a nice, film noir kind of way.

-The KingCaster.