29 January 2010

KingCast and Seth Daniels/Revere Journal share Daniel Talbot's last official act as an Officer of the Law.

Some of you keen readers will recall that I put information in a KingCast YouTube murder trial video that was highly favorable of some things I had heard about Officer Talbot doing in the days before his death.

Well veteran reporter Seth Daniels has shared that information with me and with his authorization I am going to reproduce a story he wrote about him when he charged several individuals of "interfering with any right or privilege by Constitution or laws of the Commonwealth."

I'll post it later today, in fact.
UPDATE: No I won't. There is much more going on and much more that I am reading. I will post something about this issue in the next several days, however.

Okay, here it is.....

The story was in the Oct. 31, 2007 Revere Journal:

By Seth Daniel

One of the last things that fallen officer Dan Talbot did as a police officer – some residents of Lee’s Trailer Park said – was try to protect them from allegedly being harassed by a prospective buyer of the park.

The park has been in limbo for nearly one year as owner Rita O’Brien of New Hampshire has attempted to sell the well-situated park to prospective buyers William Settipane and Vincent Giachetti. However, several tenants of the park who claim legal standing, and have made a counter offer to buy the park, have tied up that sale. The matter is currently in court, and in the mean time allegations have come from both sides about harassment and lies.

Residents who are trying to buy the park and their attorneys have accused the prospective buyers of harassment and violence towards the residents who have remained. Attorneys for the buyers have vehemently denied such claims.
On Tuesday, Sept. 25, former Officer Talbot found himself right in the middle of that battle.

Just four days before Officer Talbot was gunned down behind Revere High School – and one of his last days on duty – he responded to Lee’s Trailer Park for a reported assault and levied a few controversial charges against Settipane and an associate.
According to the police report, Talbot responded and found the victim, John Kehayaglou. Kehayaglou told Talbot that he was an elderly resident of the park and had just been let out of Nashua Street Jail on alleged drug trafficking charges. He had been arrested last summer in a large raid on the park.

He told Talbot that when he arrived at what had been his trailer, Settipane and Keith Rivers, another resident of the park, approached him. Settipane allegedly told Kehayaglou to leave the park, but he refused and began to argue.
Settipane then allegedly told Rivers to “Get out and get him.”

Rivers, 45, allegedly got out of the car and pushed a steel shopping cart into the 63-year-old man. Once on the ground, Rivers allegedly began beating Kehayaglou in the face until Settipane allegedly gave the order to stop.

Talbot wrote in his report that he observed lacerations and cuts to Kehayaglou, but no injuries to Settipane – who claimed to have been assaulted. As Talbot interviewed the victim, Settipane drove by and Talbot ordered him to stop.

The report detailed that Talbot had responded to two other incidents in which Settipane had allegedly harassed residents.
“The officer and Settipane engaged in an argument in regards to two incidents the officer has responded to involving Settipane harassing and assaulting residents of the trailer park,” the report read.

The incident continued as Officer Talbot canvassed the park looking for Rivers. At one point, the report said that Settipane told Talbot that he is just “trying to get rid of the trash in the park.”

Talbot eventually returned to the Police Station and discussed the matter with his supervising officer, Lt. Jeremiah Goodwin, and then decided to file charges against Settipane and Rivers in Chelsea District Court.

They were charged with a joint venture assault and battery on an elderly person, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (shopping cart) and interfering with any right or privilege by Constitution or laws of the Commonwealth.
“This is the second time officer Talbot has investigated an incident involving Settipane and his friends assaulting and intimidating resident of the trailer park,” the report read. “There is an ongoing civil lawsuit regarding and injunction against the sale of the trailer park brought by the residents of the park.

“William Settipane and Keith Rivers had willfully interfered with [the victim’s] free exercise of his Constitutional rights by using threats and force to injure [the victim],” continued Talbot’s report.

In a matter of days, Talbot had been murdered in a case that still is lacking in answers, but where a local teen is suspected.

The charges against Settipane and Rivers were dismissed last week in Chelsea District Court, according to their attorney, Richard Clayman. It was dismissed because the victim has agreed not to testify and because the only other party, Officer Talbot, had passed away.

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