24 January 2010

KingCast and North Shore Tab: Armed and Dangerous.

"We got us a 10-52 Codes 1,2,3,4..... black male suspect armed and dangerous, shooting people in a manner consonant with the expressive and petitioning authorities of the First Amendment and vigorous adherence to the duties and responsibilities incumbent of the Fourth Estate as noted by Masters in Criminal Justice website...."

I see the North Shore Tab is following along the historic KingCast Revere Dan Talbot murder trial coverage, and they've got some horror stories of their own.

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Christopher King said...

Now of course what's interesting is the jar heads over at the Revere Forum are now calling Rich Ireton and me "criminals," which may be an actionable offense in and of itself because I know damn well I'm not a criminal, and from what I understand the bogus charges that have been brought against Mr. Ireton were always dismissed as well.

You haters better recognize that people who tell the Truth are not criminals, but when the government comes after us for lawful exercise of First Amendment Rights it is an intellectually dishonest activity that borders on the criminal itself.

That's one reason we have Anti-SLAPP legislation, you idiots.

Grow a pair and say who you are on these chatboards, why dontcha'.

-The KingCaster.