01 January 2010

KingCast, Depeche Mode and The Staple Singers ask Morgan Lewis Partner Sam Shaulson: "Why can't we have a beer summit?"

Dear Attorney Shaulson: Months before you decided to take this case well beyond the issues at hand, I had offered to take the Citibank local Veep (or CEO Vikram Pandit) for lunch at the top of the Hub.

That offer still stands, and if those accommodations are not swank enough, you name it, I'll buy it my friend. But thus far you all have disrespected me on that, so then – and only then -- did I choose to get ugly with you, calling your client out on stealing money from uterine cancer and other death victims..... it makes me want to ask why it is that you and I should get along so awfully..... At any rate I will remind the MCAD of my offer at 9:00 a.m. Monday, 4 January 2010.

From my perspective you have lied about many things in this case – including the fact that the Decision Maker was not black and that Citibank personnel flipped me the bird and called me a motherfucker, and I have lied about NOTHING. I will take a polygraph and issue an Affidavit, will you and your client do the same? I mean really, do you honestly want to go to a Jury on any of these issues? I doubt it, but if you want to go there as the Staple Singers would say, I will indeed take you there, Let's Do It Again.

Sam: Listen to the Depeche Mode chorus at 2:49 it's just badass, isn't it?

I can't understand... what makes a man... hate another man... Help me understand..... ...I can't understand.... what makes a man.... why should it be..... I can't understand.... hate another man.... I can't understand....

It’s a New Year, Sir. Can we get beyond this before I publicly narrate the video that you keep promising to provide to MCAD?

Christopher King, J.D.


Christopher King said...

It's honest.... it's real... and it speaks the (gospel) Truth....

-Momma Mavis.

Christopher King said...

You guys crack me up. You take me to trial and I'll have the Jury glad handing me and dancing in the aisles.

Remember that BS case you brought up with the jackass cop on Jaffrey NH?

The non-selected jurors after voir dire patted me on the back and said "good luck" and "go get get 'em", call former Hillsborough NH lead prosecutor David Horan and ask him.

Watch the related video with Attorney Horan and me right here, with Ray Brewer's silly ass. Look how he treats his camera man, what a douchebag.

Ray Brewer, that bastard calls me "Chris," as if he knows me like that. I don't know that dude from Adam.

My name is "Mr. King" to him, dammit.
He wouldn't pull that shit with some white boy he would call him by his surname.

-The spook who sat by the door.

Christopher King said...

Sidney, Bill, all them boys keepin' good on the Plantation, not a law degree amongst them.

Me with the law degree, up to no good on the Plantation and never going to stop it.


Christopher King said...

I was writing to a childhood friend of mine, a Man of the Cloth who is following this case, actually, and told him:

"Thing about the Citibank video is that the MCAD is going to make a finding of fact that the Decision Maker was not black and that make Shaulson a liar. So I'll put it back before the Disciplinary Committee and they will either do nothing (likely) or sanction him for lying, but either way I have exposed a flaw in our Beloved Legal System.

And of course if Sam goes to mediate then I have won, and he can't have THAT because he can't go down to a suspended attorney, after all. You got some popcorn ready, LOL......"