02 January 2010

KingCast and David Gray sit in amazement as NH AG Kelly Ayotte clears the cops who trespassed at a Concord Credit Union and somehow shot each other!

Remember I mentioned this some time ago, repeatedly. Well here is the latest:

1. The AG's office wrote David Gray and me to say that our time to obtain the materials under RSA 91-A had "expired." Mr. Gray obtained many documents and some photos himself, and he is sending me those on Monday but I'm going to ask them to provide me any documents where any such expiration can occur, that sounds ridiculous.

2. He tells me that the Sergeant in charge who shot the other cop actually picked up the shell casing and moved it, which is surely not protocol, but then again Greg Floyd did it too, just moving around, tampering with evidence, no biggie huh....(link to actual file document was somehow killed so I'll have to repost it). But then again we know Kelly Ayotte never gave a damn about placement of spent casings anyway, No Sir remember the placement of casings where her 24-hour "hero" Greg Floyd probably murdered Liko Kenney. Anyway, Sarge was not written up for this. Actually I have that protocol, it was written by Peter Heed and I won it in my lawsuit against Kelly Ayotte, and may dig it up to cite exactly what provisions he violated.

3. They had no authorization to be in the building, which was not open to the public so they were basically trespassing, they were not written up for this.

4. You never point a loaded gun at someone, they were not written up for this.

5. There is a special case citation that apparently allows for cops to accidentally shoot someone and not sustain criminal charges. Groovy. I know if I go to the range and screw up and accidentally somehow shoot somebody I'm gonna' catch a case, pronto, and so too would anybody else. Interesting how the law works, isn't it?

6. Maybe Sarge should have been shooting a Sig 226 instead of the 229, the 229 is reportedly more top-heavy so maybe that's where he screwed up. Well that and pointing a LOADED GUN at someone, he-heh. Jeez guys this isn't some gangland Russian Roulette initiation, catch a clue.

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