17 January 2010

Hey KingCast what makes you so qualified to comment on the Daniel Talbot murder trial and other criminal trials?

Bada-Bing! For starters, Michael Isreal and Jerry Doyle.

I have been privileged in my legal career to successfully represent clients who faced unique first Amendment Challenges, and I have boxes of old video to share about it. In Michael Isreal's case I shared with the Jury the Civic Award-winning garden at his mother's house that was an alleged "high crime area" and in Jerry Doyle's trespassing case Officer Johnson knew I had defeated the State's case as soon as I made her admit that Jerry Doyle was not the only person in the building.

You've seen some shorter clips at KingCast.net, but there is much more where that came from. Here too is a recent Dan Talbot murder trial blog entry.

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