10 January 2010

Here comes SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway III, set for full Senate on 1/13 supported by Bill Christy, who wrote "I would have shot Bruce McKay as well!"

Update: Bill Christy's support was for a National initiative, please see comment #2. Soooo.....That video was from last year's hearing as thumbnailed. Time to email all 24 Senators, who are caucusing now for Wednesday's hearing. If they table it, as they should, good. If they pass it, things move on to the House.

I heard there was a story in the Union Misleader on Friday indicating that some lawbreakersmakers were again going to try to ram another Bruce McKay Highway bill down the throats of North Country citizens who, for the most part, want it like they want a case of rabies, or esophageal cancer. Bill Christy told me he's leading up the charge, a 180' turn for him.

I wish I could go and play back last year's presentation, replete with Senator Letourneau trying to interrupt and censor me at every turn. Tool.

It already cleared transportation committee 5-0. They slipped this one by without any fanfare so as to keep us from showing up and presenting anything in opposition.

Says Chris Macaulay,
"If you really want to memorialize him put up a bench so that people can sit up there and think about him but it's not fair to the rest of us who clearly don't want this."


Christopher King said...

KingCast observation:

This is all about hegemony.


Christopher King said...

Just so you get your journalistic facts straight before you report a story check next time. I had NOTHING to do with the bill that went before the Senate today in NH. The petition I am "leading" is a national one that will go before the US House and Senate, if NH does not vote their own bill in. It would be to name a section of an Intersate highway in Cpl Bruce McKay's honor. It