26 January 2010

Dan Talbot murder trial 27 Jan. 2010: Wait a minute... How does that Soto casing wind up so precipitously poised on a bottle of Gatorade?

Not so much going on, really. Just Chief Reardon being grilled by Krupp on why he never wrote a report or took any notes in response to the things that Officer Soto was telling him about the suspects and the events. He also made issue of the fact that the Chief only recently changed his statement about who handed him Officer Talbot's gun. The Chief subsequently told me in the hallway "If they had asked me to write a report back then I would have done so... as I said, it was a hot crime scene at the time."

Prosecutor Zabin then elicited testimony from the Chief that his role as Chief is not to issues such reports but to monitor others, and to make sure that the State Police took over the investigation. That still leaves the issue of the fact that there wasn't much integrity at the crime scene in terms of accessibility. No one knows who entered or left the area and when, and I know Krupp is going to hammer that point in closing arguments tomorrow vis a vis the two 9mm casings that were found in plain view in an area that was arguable subject to prior line search.

Quote of the Day:
"I'm not the appointing authority. It was a different Mayor at the time, and I had to make a recipe but I didn't get to pick my ingredients."

.....In response to my question "How was it that Evan Franklin made it back to the force after he ran from a two-car accident and was expelled as a cadet?" I have it on information that it was because certain people aligned with Franklin and his fleeing cohort Todd Randall (read the comments) were contributors to the Mayor's campaign, so there was a quid pro quo thing going on.

The case hinges on three key things, two specific and one general. Specifically there was credible testimony that a guy in the red sweatshirt -- who left and returned -- fired the first shot. Also I believe the only people to put the gun in Robert Iacoviello's hand were less-than-credible witnesses, one who even asked Krupp on X/E "Are you inferring that I read the paper and made up a story?" Interestingly, when watching that exchange on FOX I believe it was, they cut out the laughter from the Jury and the courtroom observers. Generally the Defense will carry the day with an Not Guilty Verdict if they can show that there were breaches in the standard of investigative care that were material to the investigation. If the Jury doesn't believe it, then the State will get a Guilty Verdict. In the hallway Chief Reardon stated to the Globe's Maria Cramer, "I think the evidence is overwhelming."

I'm sorry, but not to this observer it isn't. It could go either way but to me the Defense has a slight edge, particularly with the testimony from Paramedic Kraft. Vids to follow throughout the balance of the evening, including a most interesting proffer by Michael Racca, who told me in the elevator, "The thing is to me, you've got, what, 6 grown policemen there that night....."


That's a picture of Attorney Krupp before the tailgate of William Soto's pickup truck, where DNA was collected showing Soto positive on a Heineken, Franklin on a Miller Light, and Officer Talbot positive on a Snapple, a Bud Light and a Miller Light. Only one still camera in the courtroom is allowed, so I can take screen captures later or just rip them from the camera off the computer, whatever works. Anyway, earlier in testimony Soto said he had no idea how those empty beers got there.

I am somewhat relieved to discover that Michael Racca, life long friend of Derek Lodie, testify that it was Lodie who used the work "nigger" in response to the derogatory comments from the bleachers issued by Officer Talbot. "Fuck you crab-assed niggers" was the actual phrase as stated before the Grand Jury. I'm somewhat relieved because the actions of the officers on that night were bad enough without the added specter of racism.

As for Lodie, I don't know... and it's hard to know because LeAnn Kraft testified that Officer Soto straight up told her that it was the kid who passed through and returned who fired the gun. That kid would be Derek Lodie. Details, pictures and videos throughout the evening. NOTE: Kraft video is damaged on card and will not load to computer. Will have to play it through TV late night or first thing in the morning and capture it from a second camera.

Lastly, there was some interesting testimony on the line searches from Robert Murphy and State Trooper Edwards that indicated the search area extended all the way up to the parking lot, and was thorough.

Look closely. How does that Soto casing possibly land there? I ask the question in this Raw Footage Trial Video. Anybody who has shot a semi-automatic pistol has to look at that and say "whoa......." And the heat would have scored the face of that flimsy Gatorade bottle, shizzle. What a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Or is it more lies, the Same as it ever Was.


Christopher King said...

Part of an ongoing exchange between an online reader and me:

I just wanted to say I think I judged you a little unfairly in the beginning, you seem to be a pretty level headed guy, but just keep in mind, the morale of the RPD is at an all time low over this. There are people hurting out there and seeing their friends painted as a bunch of drunk rogue cops is upsetting, especially when it couldn't be further from the truth. Just a sad, sad situation.


I responded in kind, not going to get into what I wrote but I did reference the Quote of the Day.

-The KingCaster.

Postmaster General said...

What's up w/the pop-ups during the Officer's testimony? It all seems very irresponsible, but then again, considering the source...

The real shame is there wasn't a camera rolling when His Honor 86'd you (rightfully so) out of the court - that must have been worth a laugh (for at least five seconds). Kudos to the judge. What was it for? Making faces at the jury? Is that why you were disbarred?

Next shot of Jager is on me, pal.

Christopher King said...

12:17 or is it Billy Cianciarusso?

You got yourself a license to carry yet, dude? I know all about you, and you are no one to trash talk about professionalism, you and your buddy Pete Napolitano (a/k/a "The Head-Cracker"), real class acts, not.

What's with the pop-ups is explanation of what was going on. If you don't like it get your own media.

As far as the Judge's decision that will be taken up with His Honor and other Court officials because I was gracious enough to allow a main stream photographer to go in front of me in order of those of us shooting stills (as opposed to shooting Jagermeister like the LE on the fateful night).

But we were trapped in the corner, and after I went, she went again and that confused His Honor but I explained it to his clerk Ms. Wong and she understood what happened, so I should be right back in there on Monday.

I'll buy you a shot of Jagermeister afterward, ahem.

-The KingCaster.

PS: Oh yah, it's pretty hard to make faces at a Jury when the Jury can't even see you -- I was behind the Jury, which was looking out into the Court and into the gallery, where you were probably there, player-hating.

Christopher King said...

Oh your buddy can bench well over 300lbs so cracking a head must have been child's play for him, yah.

Peter S. Napolitano -- 220lb class.

But of course you know how things go in Revere, the town of professionalism, he got promoted after that.

He's the one who should have got 86'd -- well him and Franklin of course.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

Of course the Mayor was All Good with these off-duty antics, setting the atmosphere for what went down in 2007:

Said Ambrosino, “Evidently, I understand this happened in off-duty hours and was unrelated to his service as a firefighter.”

One city official, Ward 4 Councillor George Rotondo (also an emergency room nurse), came out with a statement late last week calling for action after hearing of the incident through the grapevine. He said that most firefighters are also EMTs and if Napolitano did actually leave the scene, it may conflict with his mission to serve as an EMT/firefighter.

“I want to know why a firefighter left the scene when a man had serious injuries,” he said.


Like I said, Revere has some serious issues with professionalism and you would do well to focus on that sort of activity that led to Officer Talbot's death rather than trying to player hate on me for a misunderstanding with His Honor that has already been addressed.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Jury can see what's going on here. The stories keep changing. Why wasn't Geraldo or Nancy Grace called about this trial. I think more calls would have come in about what really happened that night. It would be a shame if the wrong person was sent to jail for murder. What's happening with the Jury? Any word yet?

Christopher King said...

PS: Of course the other issue that some short-sighted haters miss when they rail on me is the FACT that the State's conduct gives both Defendants a terrific Manifest Weight of the Evidence argument on Appeal should they be convicted.

I'm heading up to the courthouse in 10 minutes I'm downstairs at Kinko's now, there is some problem with the printout of my business cards urrgggghhh!!!!

-The KingCaster.

PPS: And if Nancy Grace and those guys had come, then they would have taken away my time to video.

Nah, don't need them, I'm All Set.