23 December 2009

Martha Coakley and Mass Division of Banks finally go after some brokers with apparent validity, as opposed to Cat Gibbons and Miracle Mortgage.

Here is the Boston Herald story "Six indicted in mortgage fraud scheme" and a related story "Scott Brown targets Martha Coakley as ‘robotic’ liberal Democrat."

I wrote to both features:

Martha Coakley's Division of Banks is railroading a black female mortgage broker even though her stated income deals did not put anyone in harm's way and occurred BEFORE the DOB changed its policy in 2006.

They also have improperly accused the woman -- Cat Gibbons of Miracle Mortgage -- of being a convicted felon, which she is most definitely not.

When Ms. Gibbons complained to the DOB about Fidelity Guarantee ripping her off they did nothing, even though Fidelity had been shut down in Vermont. Fidelity Guarantee Mortgage Corporation v. T Reben, 809 F2d 931 (1987).

Martha Coakley's Mass Division of Banks also gave MCAD a totally different reason for issuing the Cease and Desist Order, stating it was credit issues and character of fitness, blah blah blah when I have the video from the hearing and it was only the stated income deals. Her credit issues were fairly petty and certainly not of any substantial nature to merit a Cease and Desist and she had a #1 rating prior to being wrongfully accused of being a felon.

The Division, by and through the following representatives, improperly threatened Ms. Gibbons with a public hearing with media and law enforcement, and she will take a lie detector test on it. They won't.

John Prendergast, Chief Risk Officer
Cynthia Begin, Senior Deputy Commissioner
Gregory Short, Deputy Commissioner
Christopher Pope, Deputy Commissioner
Aimee Desai, Associate Counsel
Erin Berger, Chief Director

Ms. Gibbons will be present on 6 January 2010 for a hearing at Suffolk District Court in which the DOB is going after some other mortgage folks who actually do appear to be involved in criminal activity to spread the word that the DOB is treating her in an arbitrary and capricious fashion -- they claim they don't have her responses to questions that she sent in regarding the issue, it is truly incredible.

Video and more information here:


I am going to telephone AG Coakley to see if she has a comment, I'm sure she will not, but eventually she will because MCAD and several attorneys are watching Ms. Gibbons' complaint closely. Very closely.



Christopher King said...

Bill I hope you don't accuse me of attacking another "Good white woman."

The "Good white woman" is attacking the Better black woman.

The black woman should have the advantage because she is operating from a position of integrity, openness and honesty, unlike Ms. Martha.

Yes Bill, another Miss Martha, just like the one who got trounced in her NH Senate bid, some folks even voted for Yours Truly over her in the primary LOL.

Have a nice Holiday.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

The DOB is reading right along:

Commonwealth Of Massachusetts (

23rd December 2009
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They better be reading because pretty soon a whole lot of people will be reading.

We are going to blow this thing wide open, all of the lies, the threats, the deception, all of it.

Perhaps the State would do better to spend its time producing Ms. Gibbons' responses regarding the 5 stated income loans that are the alleged basis for the Cease and Desist Order.

After all, I'm sure they are statutorily required to maintain those responses.....

And MCAD is going to be asking for them as well.

Happy New Year guys, try starting it out with a little honesty for a change.

Christopher King said...

Not to mention the made up letter the DOB "faxed" to Ms. Gibbons' OLD office number after they knew dang well what her CURRENT office number was.

Not to mention that they usually emailed her when things were important and contact needed.

Not to mention that the letter doesn't even bear a signature.

They are so busted, trying to CYA the dirty rotten lying pigs.