25 December 2009

KingCast, The Youngbloods and the iPhone say: "Happy Holidays!"

Honorable Mention: Three Dog Night.

PS: The actual winner is:
My Sweet Lord, my favorite Beatle, perhaps my favorite Beatles song. Here Comes the Sun is waaaay up there too. I know, I know, what about Ronald Mack's "He's So Fine" and plaigarism? I dunno, the Court did rule against Harrison posthumously (and impliedly Billy Preston as well) on that but I don't believe there was any ill intent and the songs are really completely different to the listener, just my $.02. Still a fascinating case and story and I see Mack's argument loud and clear as well, Bright Tunes Music v. Harrisongs Music 420 F. Supp. 177 (S.D.N.Y. 1976).


Christopher King said...

Now even though I am definitely a "love everybody" sorta' guy, people were correct to tell me that I shouldn't be writing namaste all of the time because when it comes to haters, I really have no compassion at all.

Once I show them what's up, and they continue on lying, I'm going to do whatever I have to do to kick their ever-loving asses all over the place, be it public ridicule on blogs and comments in the World Wide Web, all the way up to getting ACLU and other licensed counsel alerted to situations (Derrick Gillenwater, Cat Gibbons) so they can get in and fight for Justice.

No, I am not a nice man when it comes to haters, I'll cut your heart out and feed it right back to you. John Edwards understands, he said:

"You can't nice these people to death..... they'll run through you like a freight train."

Christopher King said...

You know, that's not entirely true, I suppose I am thinking mostly about certain haters like American Tower and Citibank, the worst of the worst.

In my personal life I became friends with the very same people who used to call me nigger and throw rocks at me when I was growing up in what was then all-white Cleveland Heights.

I routinely give the peace sign to people who cut me off on the motorcycle even though they could have killed me.

But there's a line when it's all about war, especially AFTER I made it clear that I was willing to engage in constructive settlements dealing with community outreach:

That's important because Citibank tried to point to the NAACP situation with me as some kind of proof that they are somehow beyond reproach, when in point of fact they are being successfully sued for systemic, planned and heinous discrimination and the NAACP is busy telling them that they need to do more in the community, I was correct ab initio, as often happens.