17 December 2009

KingCast TOUCH 106.1 FM radio reminder: Civilian Review Boards could have saved Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney's lives.


Many agree, watch the video.


Christopher King said...

Lynn the misogynist is reading along from her web proxy server:

17th December 2009 11:05:03
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Anonymous said...

Enough beating around the bush. I say medicinal marijuana could have saved Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney's lives. If in fact their is a coverup - Floyd a passer-by, a lie, Floyd standing by, the truth, then you have to go back many years and question why "they"* wanted to eliminate/murder Liko Kenney? The answer, simple, he smoked, grew and sold medicinal marijuana and it happens to be illegal. (btw - the marijuana laws are a manifestation of the most profound ignorance ever exhibited by mankind.)

*"they" - mad dogs, just the mention of the word marijuana they froth at the mouth

Christopher King said...


There are some solid arguments on the legalization of marijuana.

Something is not right about this case, that's for certain.

And Kelly Ayotte's lies are criminal IMO.

Many people have just stopped fighting because they know the fix is in, same as the Dow Murders.