12 December 2009

KingCast tells Senator Bruce Tarr: Bill Christy weaves a tangled Webb.

Dear Senator Tarr:

Shortly after I emailed you about the fact that I believe "Bill Christy" of the Bill Christy Project is a dangerous person who has placed me in apprehension for my safety and privacy, I received face-to-face confirmation from Ethnic Online Publisher Leonard Webb (note: new issue debuts on Monday) that somebody emailed him "A book."

That somebody is undoubtedly Bill Christy and I will confirm that when he forwards me the email.

So now I've got this guy threatening to serve me my "balls and arse on a platter," and whatnot and clearly cyber stalking me. He tried to FaceBook buddy up with my friend Trent Berry, a remarkable guitarist and former Law School running mate. Bill only knew about Trent because I had emailed about him and posted about him on my blog. Trent un-friended him as soon as he heard about Bill's Internet lies and threats toward me, including the lies he got away with for the time being at Scribd.com. I now believe that "Bill Christy" was only trying to get next to Trent to try to dig up dirt, seeing as Bill Christy of the Bill Christy Project had previously tried to say that I was responsible for a series of obviously bogus spam comments to Mr. Berry's old MySpace that claimed I crashed a car and was on Vicodin.

And of course you are aware of the "motherfucker" and the "nigger" stuff. So again, I will review whatever Bill Christy of the Bill Christy Project sent to Mr. Webb. Look: Whether or not this man has worked with you before, as he indicated, he had better hope everything he broadcast to a third party is true because if it is not there will be repercussions. Legal repercussions.

And we know we cannot trust Bill Christy of the Bill Christy Project at his word because he's quite slippery, note his comment to me:
I meddle in your affairs?

I never called Leonard Webb, and I challenge you to produce a sworn affidavit from Mr. Leonard Webb that I called him, which you can't because I have never spoke to the man.

No but he DID apparently email him (even better for me). What -- did he think that Mr. Webb wouldn't tell me about that? Again, given this man's history of physically-threatening comments toward me and to a woman who will remain unidentified (i.e. "that bitch is going to go down hard....it's going to hurt"), please notify Homeland Security regardless of whether he worked with you on prior campaigns and issues, he's a Menace to Society at this point I am sad to say.


Christopher King said...

Bill and his posse are fond of saying, inter alia, that I am a eunuch and wear a diaper or a skirt, etc. etc.

So I waited patiently until I knew the time to expose it was yea and verily upon us.

Bill tried to play me to the left on the fact that he has communicated (read: published) potentially Defamatory statements to a third party, check out his rhetoric on that issue.

Too bad I was a rhetoric minor in Undergrad, this guy is waaaaay out of League on rhetoric and First Amendment Law I'll tell you that right now.

Bill Christy is semantic morass personified.

Emphasis on whatever syllable you find appropriate.

-The KingCaster -- just a regular First Amendment kind of guy.

Christopher King said...

"Bill Christy" (whatever his real name is) showed up for a read at 8:07, 8:12, 8:15, 8:24 and 8:25pm, trying to figure out what do do now.

12th December 2009 20:07:45
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He should have accepted my olive branch to get up with him, "Quiet Man", Trent and me over some beers and music instead of going around trying to bad mouth me everywhere.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

And I'll tell you what else:

He knows damn well that I don't hold myself out as a licensed attorney, just look at the Daily Kos diary he's reading:


Former photojournalist/editor, assistant Ohio Attorney General, Civil Rights lawyer, NAACP legal redress chair.

Always a Reporter Guy.

That's'bout clear as clear can be.

-The KingCaster.

PS: Read the entry "9/11 and the Negative Space," heralded as "Very thought provoking."

Christopher King said...

He read it on the 10th:

10th December 2009 18:53:11
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Christopher King said...

Very thought provoking (1+ / 0-)

Recommended by:

I too seem to have changed since 911. Like the writer in the article from move-on, I once thought that, no matter who was president, such shameless manipulation of the population to such extreme ends would never likely to occur because of our checks and balances (inducing fear, degradation of middle class, dividing by race, destruction of enviornment, not caring that a city was just destroyed, blatent lack of respect for our citizenry (even scornful of it). I could go on and on).

I was wrong. The monster that wants to control everything looms in every society. I now view it as something to always be mindful of and that needs to be kept in check--yes even in the good old USA. I realize how important it is to elect leaders with integrity because they attract their own kind. It is then a ripple that extends out making things better. In our current situation it has happened in reverse. A bad bunch, with nefarious plans seized power and the ripple effect has been horrible. It is up to the PEOPLE of this country to take it back again. We need to lay claim to our founding principles and protect them from outside and from WITHIN.

Great post.

Truth is harmonious, lies are discordant.

by Babsnc on Thu Sep 14, 2006 at 07:56:24 AM PST

Well put. (1+ / 0-)

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Now that I have survived my ridiculous ordeal noted elsewhere on a prior life at Kos, I can return to being human again and what truly compelled me to write this post is the fact that there is probably no more noble profession than being a firefighter.

And when governments waste the lives of the most honorable men and women on Earth, each of us dies a little bit more.


KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: Harness the power of video and multimedia for the working class.

by Reporter Guy on Thu Sep 14, 2006 at 04:31:28 PM PST

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Christopher King said...

He's back at 9:53:

12th December 2009 21:53:14
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Christopher King said...

You know what else Bill?

You said you have spoken with, written to, and otherwise shared information on me to basically anyone and everyone in my past, Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy (who I beat 2/3 times in Court) and others.

Therefore I'll be sure to get ahold of Mike Chipperini and tell him you think he's a tool.

And you said I had a Big Mouth, you need to check yourself.


PS: I tell you what I tell other people about you Bill, unlike you or your pals at Citibank I don't hide it or lie about it or misrepresent.

Dear Representative Stanley:

I think you should know how "Bill Christy" or whatever his name is really acts.

He mentioned your name so I thought I would pass this on to you.

Be sure to click on the link to watch the YouTube video.

-Christopher King, J.D.

Christopher King said...

Here's Mr. Big Mouth himself at Topix

Bill Christy
Philadelphia, PA
Oct 9, 2009
Mary Jo Kilroy says hi......ROFLMAO

Bill Christy
Philadelphia, PA
Oct 10, 2009

Of course you care about US Rep Kilroy that's why you still obsess over her and other women who are in power.

Just like you care what I think about you, and it infuriates you that I find you to be unprofessional, immature, a liar, a cad, a huckster, a verbal abuser of women....I could go on but why bother.


Okay Mr. "Bitch is gonna go down hard, it's gonna hurt."

I actually SUPPORT responsible people in power regardless of their sex, and I was CONGRATULATING Kelly Ayotte on the morning of 5/11 and that's a FACT.

11 May 2007
Rush Limbaugh agrees that Oxycontin lies tie in directly with NH AG Kelly Ayotte's earnest attempts to restrict commercial speech.

I've been screaming about NH AG Kelly Ayotte's reasonable attempts to protect the public's right to be free from undue influence of corporate drug peddlers for a few weeks now because of the ongoing data mining case with IMS Health Inc. and Verispan L.L.C. In that case the Federal trial court unfortunately held that the data mining companies and their clients have unfettered access to physicians in order to hawk their chemical wares.


Just ask Mass Top Cop Marion McGovern from the TOUCH 106.1 FM blog.

Do you agree with my assessment or not?

It's a yes or no question.


Christopher King said...

Goffstown buddy in the house:

13th December 2009 11:23:08
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