08 December 2009

KingCast sees Citibank lying dirtbag scum get slammed on faux diversity removal by Ohio AG; they lied to young students and stole $14M from clients.

UPDATE: Citibank shut down in Japan for money laundering like the scum they really are.
Reuters news agency reported that regulators charged the bank with "failing to prevent suspected money laundering."

I wish I had seen these before I filed yesterday in my MCAD discrimination lawsuit, in which I used their own position description to prove they lied about the Decision Maker in my case (refusing to open a bank account for me) being black. Citibank seems to think everything I did or allegedly did wrong is at issue, but as I proved yesterday with Citibank facing lawsuits from black employees about those racist emails circulated by management, two can play that game.

Citibank forced to pay back $14M in sweeps money scammed from their customers.
Between 1992 and 2003, Citibank operated an "automatic sweeping" program that would without notice remove positive balances from customers' credit card accounts—mainly those of the poor and the recently deceased—and pocket the money. Now it's paying back $14 million dollars to the affected customers, plus another $3.5 million in penalties to California, thanks to that state's Attorney General.

Nice. Yet these dirtbags accuse me of running a scam? Piss off, I'm filing this with MCAD today as well you lying scum corporate douchebags.

Marc Dann v. Citibank, CASE NO. 2:07 CV 1149, 2008 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 52172

In the Complaint, Plaintiff alleges violations of the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act ("OCSPA"), Ohio Rev. Code § 1345.01 et seq. Specifically, Plaintiff alleges that CitiBank through its agent or employee, produced and distributed fliers on or around the Ohio State University main campus offering students a free sandwich and drink at Potbelly Sandwich Work's off-campus location, without disclosing that to obtain the free items, a student was required to complete an application [*3] for a CitiBank credit card.

Based on the foregoing, the Court GRANTS Plaintiff's Motion for Remand for Lack of Diversity Jurisdiction (Doc. # 14), GRANTS Plaintiff's Motion for Remand for Lack of Federal Question Jurisdiction (Doc. # 37), DENIES Plaintiff's request for costs and attorney fees, DENIES CitiBank's request for oral argument, DENIES AS MOOT CitiBank's Motion to Strike (Doc. # 10), and DENIES AS MOOT CitiBank's Motion to Dismiss (Doc. # 9). The Clerk is DIRECTED to REMAND this matter to the Franklin County Common Pleas Court.

Conversely, in all of my years of practice (’93-2002) and subsequently as a Licensed Title Insurance Producer handling millions of dollars nobody has EVER accused me of misappropriating funds or illegally taking money. As Complaining Party, it has become readily apparent who the real scammers are, with documented and cohesive plans to lie, cheat and steal. They started this little game and I fully intend to finish it. This is war, folks.
Citibank and their lawyer, Sam Shaulson (pictured next to his likeness Lucifer) are lower than whale puke (except abergris is actually a valuable commodity) and I have duly notified New York Attorney Grievance Committee of his misrepresentations. Gone are the days when these lying fat-cat attorneys can just lie and cheat with impunity, If I catch you lying -- and I don't just mean making a valid counter argument but willfully lying -- I will put you Main Street U.S.A. and give you a hell ride you'll never forget. Long live the First Amendment.

PS: Citibank is racist blog is now listed on Huffington Post.


Christopher King said...

Oh, Sammy Boy is definitely stewing now. I have a way of getting under the skin of haters like him.

The Internet is the best thing since the Scales of Justice were invented; it is Power to the People.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

As Cousin Mike Wilbon would say:

"Well sports fans...."

It's a total shit-show, and pretty damn funny actually.

I warned haters like Sam Shaulson that the more they point a finger at me they've got 3 coming right back at them.

Those three fingers can then be used to cook an omelette for Sam Shaulson to wear on his face.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Lynn/Snowy/Snowy White/JMO you're reading along right at this exact moment, what do you think about these Citibank scum buckets?
8th December 2009 20:21:13

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Christopher King said...

US Bank Money Laundering -
Enormous By Any Measure
By James Petras
Professor of Sociology, Binghamton University

For example, in the case of Raul Salinas, PB personnel at Citibank helped Salinas transfer $90 to $100 million out of Mexico in a manner that effectively disguised the funds' sources and destination thus breaking the funds' paper trail.

In routine fashion, Citibank set up a dummy offshore corporation, provided Salinas with a secret code name, provided an alias for a third party intermediary who deposited the money in a Citibank account in Mexico and transferred the money in a concentration account to New York where it was then moved to Switzerland and London.

The PICs are designed by the big banks for the purpose of holding and hiding a person's assets. The nominal officers, trustees and shareholder of these shell corporations are themselves shell corporations controlled by the PB. The PIC then becomes the holder of the various bank and investment accounts and the ownership of the private bank clients is buried in the records of so-called jurisdiction such as the Cayman Islands.

Private bankers of the big banks like Citibank keep pre-packaged PICs on the shelf awaiting activation when a private bank client wants one. The system works like Russian Matryoshka dolls, shells within shells within shells, which in the end can be impenetrable to a legal process.

The complicity of the state in big bank money laundering is evident when one reviews the historic record. Big bank money laundering has been investigated, audited, criticized and subject to legislation; the banks have written procedures to comply. Yet banks like Citibank and the other big ten banks ignore the procedures and laws and the government ignores the non-compliance.