21 December 2009

KingCast says hmmm.... Morgan Lewis is a slave ship with lying Partners like Sam Shaulson at the helm.

Remember how I chided Morgan Lewis Attorney Sham Shaulson being glad to see me so he can keep railing up those billables? It was in this post with the KingCast YouTube video where I present to a Criminal Justice class -- as Sam Shaulson and his scum sucking rat client Citibank are steady accusing me of being "suspicious" and dangerous.

Well that's not far from true because if you are an associate and you are late entering timesheets for your billables Morgan Lewis docked your pay, LOL.

It doesn't matter, they're a No Offer Factory; not doing much hiring anyway and they laid off 216 this year. Sam Shaulson says I have a motive to bring a case against Citibank, hell I'll notify MCAD he's got a financial motive to keep on sucking money out of Citibank, even lying as noted in my Rule 3.3 Ethics Complaint forwarded on to Washington DC Managing Partner Grace E. Speights.

PS: Morgan Lewis must be short on money, they stiffed Ralph Cassady after years of dutiful service and got schooled in Court with a remand Affirmed: Cassady v. Morgan Lewis, 145 Cal. App. 4th 220; 51 Cal. Rptr. 3d 527; 2006 Cal. App. LEXIS 1877 (2006)
"We affirm the trial court's grant of a new trial. Under section 2802, an employer must [***3] indemnify an employee for attorney's fees and costs incurred in defending a third party lawsuit, where such expenses are necessary and the lawsuit is based on the employee's conduct within the course and scope of his or her job duties."

PPS: The KingCast jam "Everything Counts" was for Bernie Madoff, but it applies to Citibank, Sam Shaulson and Morgan Lewis, totally apropos.



Christopher King said...

Yes Sam, in the video that is the same fedora I wore to the Bank that you guys claim is a "disguise."

Who in the hell wears a hat like that as a disguise, it's more of a trademark, silly.

You guys will say anything, won't you?

Have you no sense of decency, Sir... have you no sense of deceny??

Christopher King said...

Small wonder they have no money, who in their right mind would want to work for these creeps who won't even indemnify their own counsel.

I'm just ever so glad I can put the word out, and glad that Sam Shaulson set about this litigation tack so I am justified in so doing, ha ha Sam joke is on you.

Sam you like my jokes, right? Remember the Patricia Rios/JRT money laundering joke, surely that was a Good One, right?

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

A little birdy told me that Morgan Lewis is on the list of Defense counsel for MCAD.

With every lie they tell, and every act of deception they practice under the guise of practicing law, they place that position in substantial peril.

But hey Sam, this is The Way you wanted it, now I'm going to give it to you.... I don't like it any more than you, man.


-The KingCaster
(a/k/a Strother Martin.)