10 December 2009

KingCast says hijab hijinx and Enron Fraud ruin the day at MCAD for Sam Shaulson and his dirtbag clients at Citibank.

Unbelievably, Citibank has the nerve to call me a scammer after they refused to open a bank account for me but opened one for my Caucasian girlfriend. We see who the real scammers are:

DK ACQUISITION v. J.P. MORGAN CHASE & CO., 2003 TX Dist. Ct. Pleadings 36371 (2003) -- $1.66 Billion 2008 Fraud Settlement + $2B in shareholder settlement. SEC Fraud allegation settled for $208M. See also KingCast 25 May 2006 post, "Skillfully Layed, Enron goes down." GOTCHA!

This is but one part of the 66 page Complaint:
c. Citibank Loans Disguised as "Minority Interest" Transactions

85. The secret loans to Enron that Citibank and Enron disguised as minority interest transactions, knowing Enron would improperly [*39] report the loan proceeds as minority interests and would improperly fail to report the repayment obligations as debt, included the following:

(a) a $ 500 million secret loan from Citibank to Enron, originated in or about December 1997, as part of "Project Nighthawk;"

(b) a $ 750 million secret loan from Citibank to Enron, originated in or about December 1998, as part of "Project Rawhide;" and

(c) a $ 500 million secret loan from Citibank to Enron, originated in or about December 1999, as part of "Project Nahanni."

.....It just goes on, and on, and on. Corporate money-laundering scumbags in Mexico/Japan/Russia and huckstering young students in Columbus, OH. (That one's for you, Ditmar Kopf).

Anyway, I told you about the dark-skinned Islamic woman who was threatened with expulsion from a Chicago area Citibank branch earlier this week.

Institutions like Citibank (and in particular Citibank) are the very reason this Country is so screwed up today and that's a FACT. Foul, simply foul. Sam, the stakes are high and climbing higher. Stop supporting the Corporate Devil incarnate -- are you ready for that Omelette and a Mimosa yet? Barring that, here is today's filing.



Christopher said...

You had better believe this is a battle of epic proportions.

Can you imagine the shame that Attorney Shaulson -- part of the established Blue Blood lawyer clique of America -- already feels at what I have exposed about his dirty little client and his lame purported legitimate nondiscriminatory rationales?

No way can a suspended attorney who doesn't know the Law can do this sort of thing to his beloved, scumbag client, right out in the Open.

But it is indeed happening, just as I said it would.

From today's filing:

So we see that one thing remains constant with Citibank:

A pattern and practice of unlawful and discriminatory conduct – All throughout America and through their lavish offices in Mexico City, New York, Zurich and London and on to the Cayman Islands -- that eviscerates the last scintilla of credibility that they hoped to maintain. There may not be a case 100% on point with the exact same sort of circumstances but that should in no ways effect a determination of Probable Cause in this instance given:

1. Respondent’s lead defense was the videos that they have destroyed or failed to produce.

2. Respondent’s second defense was that the Decision Maker was black which of course I have proved to be a lie because the only black employee present did not have that ambit of authority.

So there we have the proffered legitimate nondiscriminatory rationales being proved not worthy of credence, per Burdine and McDonnell-Douglas, previously-cited and that means a Jury is entitled to find the unlawful discrimination took place. It’s really quite simple:

There is substantial evidence to support an order of the Commission that Unlawful Discrimination took place in this case. See Nathanson v. Commonwealth, 16 Mass. L. Rep. 761 (2003), Katz v. Massachusetts Comm'n. Against Discrimination, 365 Mass. 357, 365, 312 N.E.2d 182 (1974). Under G.L.c. 30A, § 1," 'substantial evidence' means such evidence as a reasonable mind might accept as adequate to support a conclusion."

Christopher King said...

Hey Bill Christy, Ditmar Kopf, Lynn and Quiet Man:

Did any of you get burned by the Enron scam?

Of course you did, we ALL did.

Still you champion Citibank over me.

Fools and Tools.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Here's Snowy's dumb bunny response on Topix:

September 27

the scrapper/hucksta disguised as hero/activist is merely pushing through life by being a pain in the arse to unfortunate, and often unsuspecting individuals, corporations, institutions or agencies who have been or will become his point of focus.

whether he identifies problems, such as police abuse, is not even a consideration; his solution is always to create division, and to target and shower the opposition with pettiness and hate tactics.

his confusing blog material reveals and details curious motivations.

i agree with jeff strelzin who once commented that the intelligence is wasted; could have been put to much better use.

an annoying knat, wherever he lands, he lacks the skills to mediate, negotiate or politically finesse, and he inevitably fails, but nonetheless claims victories. he excels at disruption, and strives to have an audience.

the MCAD may be in for an awakening when things don't go his way.


We will see about that.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

US Bank Money Laundering -
Enormous By Any Measure
By James Petras
Professor of Sociology, Binghamton University

For example, in the case of Raul Salinas, PB personnel at Citibank helped Salinas transfer $90 to $100 million out of Mexico in a manner that effectively disguised the funds' sources and destination thus breaking the funds' paper trail.

In routine fashion, Citibank set up a dummy offshore corporation, provided Salinas with a secret code name, provided an alias for a third party intermediary who deposited the money in a Citibank account in Mexico and transferred the money in a concentration account to New York where it was then moved to Switzerland and London.

The PICs are designed by the big banks for the purpose of holding and hiding a person's assets. The nominal officers, trustees and shareholder of these shell corporations are themselves shell corporations controlled by the PB. The PIC then becomes the holder of the various bank and investment accounts and the ownership of the private bank clients is buried in the records of so-called jurisdiction such as the Cayman Islands.

Private bankers of the big banks like Citibank keep pre-packaged PICs on the shelf awaiting activation when a private bank client wants one. The system works like Russian Matryoshka dolls, shells within shells within shells, which in the end can be impenetrable to a legal process.

The complicity of the state in big bank money laundering is evident when one reviews the historic record. Big bank money laundering has been investigated, audited, criticized and subject to legislation; the banks have written procedures to comply. Yet banks like Citibank and the other big ten banks ignore the procedures and laws and the government ignores the non-compliance.