31 December 2009

KingCast says "Here comes Citibank lawyers Zeichner Ellman & Krause....."

Apparently these blokes at ZEKLAW ISP are taking a look-see, along with the Manchester, NH Morgan Lewis office their search was "Morgan Lewis," dig THAT Google-bomb hahahaaa.....

They are no doubt pissed as hell that NY Partner Sam Shaulson has lost control of this case, and perhaps they are mad as hell that Citibank lied to Morgan, Lewis about my conduct at the bank. All I know is if they bring a lawsuit I will demand a Jury and then everybody is going to be saying
"Wow, where can I find his blogs....that guy ROCKS!!!...."

The ZEK Google search was "who is christopher king citibank"

Here is who I am, "The Watchdog."

This promises to be fun because there's no legal basis for shutting down any of my blogs about Citibank or its lawyers if that's what they're after. Think: Fair Use,opinion, satire, parody guys, I've got y'all covered, think of it as a movement of the Yoots... Or maybe they too, are in search of the Holy Grail.....

PS: We all know Citibank likes to steal from its customers, they lied to Ohio State Students, California AG Brown caught them in flagrante delicto with $14M from poor, deceased customers and continuing with that theme they ganked the estate of Janina Tobolka (who had hip replacement and uterine cancer for Christ's sake) and Marie Olko for $127K until she busted them in NY Court of Appeals for $300K in 2005 hahahaaaa....


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